Thursday Thirteen #43

13 Questions I've Been Pondering

  1. Is my due date club (the group of women on the forum I go to that are all due in July) cursed or something?
    It's been so sad and scary lately. We've had so many of our mom's with problems. One poor mommy went into labor at 22 weeks, and they couldn't stop it. Her little one passed away not long after being born. Another went into labor and they were able to hold her back until 26 weeks. She's doing remarkably well. Thank goodness! Another mom has been put in the hospital for constant monitoring for early rupture of membranes. I hope she's doing well. I can't imagine how hard that must be since she has some older kiddos as well. And there were more than a couple others who have been having problems with contractions. I wish them all the best!
  2. Is it ever going to stop raining?
    See the post below for why it REALLY needs to!
  3. Is Finn going to flip over so that he's not kicking me in the bladder soon?
    I'd really appreciate it if he could do that!
  4. Has my muse permanently abandoned me or is she just afraid of babies?
    Seriously I have no inspiration whatsoever. I think it has something to do with be exhausted beyond belief all the time, but I'm not sure.
  5. Why does Nicky insist on throwing every no matter what I do?
    Everything my son picks up is a ball, a car, or an implement of doom. Sometimes they are all three. I mean I respect the fact that he has a pretty awesome arm, but does he have to throw things at the head's of people and animals? Really?
  6. Will the plants I made my hubby plant for me grow?
    We planted 6 Azaleas, 2 Forsythias, and 36 little Vinca plants. I hope that they all live. I also planted basil, cilantro, mint, and pansies, but I don't really worry about them as much because they're pretty darn tough.
  7. Will I get to go fishing this summer?
    I wanna go fishin'!
  8. Is Nicky gonna go to sleep so I can too?
    I'm a sleepy girl.
  9. Why does the Diego from the early Dora's before he had his own show look so funny?
    Or does he not really look funny? Maybe it's just that it's a different voice and that makes me see him different?
  10. Why am I pondering a cartoon so deeply?
  11. Has anyone else ever noticed that Thomas the Tank Engine is promoting socialism?
    I mean everyone has to BE USEFUL! Don't get me wrong I think we should all strive to be useful, but doesn't it just seem like an odd thing to say over and over in a cartoon meant for preschoolers?
  12. Did anyone else see this article?
    It's the one about the 3rd graders who plotted to attack a teacher… I mean… I just… WTH?????!!!!!!
  13. Will the fact that Finn is so much more active in my tummy mean that he is more hyper than Nicky?
    If he is more hyper than Nicky will I crumble and be unable to cope when their hyperness is combined or will they work as calming agents for each other? No one answer that. I prefer to believe they will calm each other. Yeah, that's it. Calm each other!!!


Nicholas said…
And what answers do you come up with? :)
Jenn said…
Sorry... they don't make the "My Parents are Exhausted" shirt in infant sizes :(
Oh, dear.
Just a bad case of the baby blues, baby tireds and baby worries.
Our daughter is due in July too -
I just know in my heart that you'll both be just fine.
(Azaleas are a bit tricky, though.
Good luck with those LOL)
Mercedes said…
You've got a lot on your mind-hehe! Great list! Yes I saw that article on the news-scary stuff! I teach Kindergarten and this stuff is already happening in the third grade? I thought I was safe (safer) in an Elementary school. Uh Oh!

You can check mine out

Have a great day!
Vixen said…
Calm each other, calm each other, calm each other. Your new mantra.

Don't even get me started on cartoons. I think way too much about them. I will send positive thoughts to all the women in your group!

Now, go take a nap.
Alice Audrey said…
You know when he isn't kicking you in the bladder anymore he'll have his head down there, which can be worse.

I'm pulling for you that everything works out well.
Marina said…
Looks like you're about a month ahead of me... good luck with everything! My son is a thrower, too--dishes, blocks, books, you name it--I think of it as good training for reflexes. Or better body armor design.

My T13 is here:
Julia Smith said…
I laughed and then read your 'pondering cartoons' questions to my husband. We ponder cartoons, too...
The kids will entertain each other and leave you time to write!

As for the bladder thing... #2 spent months hugging mine. She's still a hugger.

I don't know if that translates into kicking. I'm hoping not, for your sake. No one needs a kicker, except for a soccer team.

And maybe a football team.

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