A conversation between my son and I...

The scene opens with me taking the bottle he stole from his brother and tossing it out of his reach.

Nicky: You're so stupid!!!!!!!!
Me: Whaaaaaaaat did you just say?????
Nicky: You're sooo nice, Mommy!!!!!!
Me: That had better be what you just said!

Ah the joys of the angry threes! I don't care what anyone says 3 is much worse than 2! Everything is sooooooooooooooo serious! He had a screaming/crying fit because I wouldn't give him "the paints"!

There were no paints....


Anonymous said…
That is so true. I told my mom after Nanny turned three: They only call them the terrible twos because they must not have let them live to be three."

Three is the worst. But also one of the best.

Happy New Year dear friend. Hug those kids for me!
Anonymous said…
I think you must be right! Happy New Year to you too! *HUGS*

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