Week 2 Day 2: Couch to 5K Complete!

If I lose 100 Pounds will someone please buy me this? Isn't it GORGEOUS?

My Daddy is giving me his treadmill, because he does all his walking outdoors now. THANK YOU, DADDY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I promise I'll put it to good use. :-D Woohoo I'll save the money I was going to use to buy a treadmill for a double jogging stroller to use with the boys come spring. :-D

I joined Spark Pages so now I'm more accountable for everything. It's pretty darn nifty. I'm a member of a team called the Slow Fat Runners! That's me! I don't think you could even call what I'm currently doing "running." It's more like really slow jogging. hehehe

Oh well I'm off to stretch and then make my husband and kiddos Curry for dinner. mmmmm


Vixen said…
Seriously if you lost 100 pounds would there be anything left of you to go into that pretty black dress? I don't think so.

Woo hoo for treadmills (and daddys)
Me said…
Oh yes there would! With 15 pounds left toward my healthy goal weight! LOL

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