I'm Outing Myself Now...

Someday I'm going to think I'm really, really cool. Maybe I'll be a best selling writer with a hot bod that makes everyone jealous... (hey I can dream!)...and then THIS picture is going to come out. And all of that is going to come crashing down on my head.

So I'm outing myself now!

I was a nerd! A Big Ol LAME Nerd!

Yes, that is indeed a New Kids on the Block poster, and a vest built into my t-shirt! AND! I do believe that was even a perm!

Laugh heartily! I did when I saw it!


Jenn said…
But we still love you

*frantically scrambles to hide all my KNOTB stuff*

But at least I never got my picture formally taken with them! YOU NERD. But a cute nerd :)
Dianna said…
That's the cutest damn thing ever.
Let your nerd flag fly!!
Me said…
Jenn: ROFLMAO I'm sure I thought I was the absolute shiz rollin' up in there with my so so cool NKOTB poster. hehehe

Dianna: shhhh *whispers* I've converted it to a Geek flag instead. ;-D hehehehe

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