A Request

Will all of you who haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet please take a moment to do some deep breathing and calm the heck down! Now don't get me wrong I know even if you haven't finished your shopping yet, you might not be one of these people, but if you are let me explain something to you... Your family is going to love you no matter what you give them for Christmas. If they don't then it probably doesn't matter what you give them they are not going to be happy with it so don't stress over it.

I understand that if your kiddo wants something desperately you want to get it for them. I'm the same way! So I get that, but cutting off 10 people on the way to the mall to buy it is only going to save you about 10 seconds and the likelihood that that is going to make the difference between your getting that special Elmo doll or not is not very high. So please don't drive like you are Mario Andretti, because you don't have his car or his skills and you might just kill me and my kids while we're just trying to go ride the ponies!

And for heaven's sake don't be mean to the people at the store because they don't have what you want! It's not their fault! It might have sold out within ten minutes of coming in the door.

So PLEASE people! Just calm down, have some cocoa, take a valium if you have to, but stop stressing so much!


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