It could have gone one of three ways...

A. The plane trip could have been much better than I thought it would be, and I would have been ecstatic and relieved.
B. It could have been just the same I thought it would be, and I wouldn't have been surprised.
C. It could have been worse than anything I imagined...

The answer, my friends, to how our trip went was a big whooping C!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I wouldn't survive! Honestly!

First we got on the plane in Fayetteville on the way to Atlanta. The take off was somewhat difficult, because you can't have electronic devices turned on, and the only thing that really distracted him was the iPod! Thanks, Mommy! It was a HUGE help at all other times. Once we got in the air it wasn't so bad. We played games had snacks, and he was relatively happy.

Then right before we were supposed to land, the captain came on and said that there was a bad storm over Atlanta, and we were in a holding pattern until it blew over. Okay not so bad. We should still have had time to make our flight. Yay!

Twenty minutes later...

We're running low on gas and still can't land so we get diverted to Birmingham to fill up.

Fine. The piolet says it should only take about 20 minutes then we're back on the way to Atlanta.

So we land and get in line to fill up. Honestly I don't remember how many times he came on and told us we'd we were the next in line for either getting gas or getting a slot to land in Atlanta, but after 3.5 hours on the tarmack in Birminham we were finally allowed to take off again. 30 minutes later we landed in Atlanta. I finally got Nicky to take a nap in the last 20 minutes of that flight...That was a total of about 6 hours on the plane...

So we get to the customer service agent who says we're supposed to be sent to Dublin and then to Copenhagen. Well after being on the flight for 6 hours, we were already exhausted and decided to ask them if we could just wait for the flight the next day that we were supposed to have that day. It goes directly to Copenhagen.

I know the woman was probably stressed because of so many people mad about missing flights and stuff, but OMG. The woman at the Dublin check in desk looked up the flight for us, and told us times and stuff and said we could go down to customer service or call and get the flight changed. Well Bryon wanted to wait in line because he wanted to talk to a real person so after an hour of that with the line moving about 2 inches I said no way and went to call. The person on the other end of the line was very nice and polite and told me that there were no seats left on the one the next day! Oh crap! One night in Atlanta isn't so bad but not two days gone from our vacation. So we RUN down to the Dublin desk and the same lady is there and we tell her the issue. So she gets us two seats with a seat in the middle for Nicky. They are the ones right at the front of economy class so lots of leg room. Woot! Thatøs great. It was the only thing she did right...

Well I've been running around like a mad woman so I haven't changed poor Nicky's diaper in a while, and while we're standing there he pees, and we have an overflow. I catch him and deposit him on hip and tell Bryon to deal with the check in while I go and change his diaper. I get back and the lady is telling Bryon that he is going to have to buy another ticket because we don't have the paper ticket for him. Well for a moment I'm very confused because you know they give you all the different things and God knows what they are all for. Finally I figure out what she is talking about. He never had a paper ticket. His was always electronic. Nicky's and mine was paper because it has to be when you have an Infant in Lap.

Finally with only a little more ruckus we get on the plane.

Nicky would NOT! Go to sleep. I tried everything! The Calms Forte did NOTHING! I had given him a Benedryl because he was stuffy and had a runny nose anyway before we got on. That should have made him sleepy too, but NO!!! He's so incredibly exhausted, but he can't seem to get comfortable and so he cries everytime he starts to fall asleep. I thought I would scream, and I think I actually did cry!

Finally with three hours left I give him some tylenol, and apparently his teeth were hurting him as well because that seems to do the trick along with discovering the perfect position for him to lie in. That position unfortunatly has caused serious damage to my back, but hey... at least he slept!!! For two hours at least. He woke up when they brought breakfast.

I would also like to add to this that I seemed to have developed a 24 hour stomach flu that was set off by flying. I had air sickness for the first time ever.

So we get to Dublin. Let me just say! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was in Ireland! I mean in it! Past customs and everything! IN IRELAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn't get to see jack!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway we realized that the woman in Atlanta hadn't given us a boarding pass for the flight to Copenhagn. I think we went to four different desks. The Irish airline respresentatives were lovely and helpful. There names were Claire and Mandy! Thank you, Claire and Mandy! It turns out the woman did everything in Atlanta WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She seperated my and Nicky's ticket somehow, but didn't give us a coupon for it. She took a reciept we were supposed to have that was an *interuption of flight* thing or something. I dunno. Anyway we got it worked out and got there right as the plane was supposed to take off, but it had been delayed. Thank goodness for that.

That flight was the only one that didn't suck. May I say, I love you SAS! Nicky got his own little life vest in case of accident and his own seatbelt that hooked to mine and we were in a window seat for the first time. Aparently looking out the window as we took off did the trip cause he passed right out and slept the whole flight.

So we finally get to Copenhagen and call Bryon's mom and dad. They thought we weren't going to be there until the next day because we told them we were overnighting in Atlanta, but they headed to the airport so they were there almost when we got through processing.

And what happens when they screw up your flight... They lost our bags. They are supposed to find them today, but you know how that goes. Right now I'm wearing two day old socks and a shirt my son peed on, but my mother in law the darling woman that she is bought me a new tshirt and sweater that I'm going to change into as soon as I take a shower. Oh! And undies! I can't tell you how much I look forward to clean undies!!! There is just something wrong about putting a pair of underwear back on after you've already worn them!

So when we finally got here, I got violently ill. Dizzy, throwing up, stomach upset in general, and monster headache! I'm fine today though. I think it was a combination of sleeping 20 minutes in 48 hours and a stomach flu. I thought I would just die. Then when I tried to nap I couldn't. Fortunatly though we slept til 11 this morning with only a two hour interuption at 3am. I guess Nicky wasn't quite on the time yet.

I'm feeling perfectly fine now though, and soon I'm going to be all clean and showered with clean clothes on WOOT! Nicky had some clean ones, because of course his grandmother had bought him a few outfits. hehe

So that was my trip. It was pretty much worse than anything I had ever imagined that it would be, but at least we survived! And next time can't possibly be worse! *beats all nearby wood with a large metal bat*

Hmmm...I seem to be in a Danish version of blogger and it refuses to check my spelling so I expect I spelled lots wrong. I'm sure y'all will forgive me! :-D


Anonymous said…
So happy to hear from you!! I was worried about you, and now I can see why.... Sorry your trip went so insanely, but I'm glad you made it there safely.

*hugs* Miss you MUCHO
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, you didn't listen to my "I will never not have clean undies and pants in my carryon" vow, lol. Poor sweetie, what a hoopla - I would have died from the stress FOR SURE. Hope it goes well from here!
Anonymous said…
*HUGS* I can't tell you how close I was to just lying down and giving up the ghost! I mean really close! It was crazy! Love you guys! Miss you!

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