Have you ever...

...seen anyone who looked EXACTLY like a character in one of your books? Or if you're not an author have you ever seen someone who looked just like how you pictured one of the characters in a favorite book?

It happened to me once. I was sitting on the subway in London, where I was for a summer theater program, and I looked up and right across from me was an absolutely beautiful man with long black hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a suit and a long coat, and he looked EXACTLY like I'd always pictured my very favorite of all my heroes. My heart started pounding in my ears, and I had this moment that I think a lot of writers get when they're not quite sure where reality starts and their imagination ends.

Why do I think this?

Because there are way too many books and movies out there, where through some means the characters come out of the pages into real life. Or you find out that the writer was actually writing something that was happening in the real world through some psychic link or something. Don't believe me? Think I'm nuts? That's okay. I probably am. ;) But watch Ink Heart. It's the most recent thing I've seen with that particular theme to it.

So anyway, I didn't speak to him of course. I'm glad I didn't, because I'm sure the man would have thought I was totally insane if I'd said, "Hey look, do you think I could take your picture 'cause you looks JUST like this fictional character I made up. You don't happen to be a 500 year old vampire do you? No, I didn't think so. Just thought I'd check to be sure." And of course if I'd spoken with him it also would have blown this bizarre surreal memory I now have. hehe

Dang, I really kinda wish I'd taken that guys picture though!

So has anything like this ever happened to you? Or do you think I'm completely insane? If you do, that's okay too. Just promise not to send the men in white coats. ;)


Julia said…
Wrap her up gentlemen. She's nuts.....


But I have not had this experience. Only just seeing people who are interesting looking without the character analysis. :)
MsSnarkyPants said…
I'm hurt! Really!

Okay, not really. ;) hehehe

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