Learning to Let Go - Or in Nicky's Case...Not Let Go

My little guy started swim lessons this week. He's in a class with about 7 other 3 year old's, and there are two instructors. That's them with him. Now don't get me wrong. They are great instructors, and he really, really loves them. That just seems like a pretty large student to teacher ration when you've got 3 year olds in water that's over their heads.

Normally this would not present a problem, because most of the kids cling to the side for a while screaming for their mommies. Not mine! He was crawling along the edge, around other kids, and in and out of the pool. Now this makes a Mommy very nervous anyway, but one of the times he was crawling around he got kicked and went under. The teacher was right behind him so it wasn't a big deal she pulled him out and put him on the edge again. You'd think this would have taught him a healthy respect for water. Nope, a few minutes later he was doing the same thing again. This time he got knocked back and went under and the teacher was working with another kiddo a little ways away. The life guard blew his whistle and came running, but by the time he got there Bryon had already pulled him out. He was only under for maybe twenty or thirty seconds, but it scared the crap outta me! I'm afraid a very inappropriate word may have escaped my lips during those thirty seconds. Shame on me! And in the presence of all those kiddos!

He was fine of course. I don't think he really even swallowed any water. It scared him for a second, but Bryon convinced him to get right back in the water, and he was happy as a clam in just a few minutes.

Now it's just a good thing that Bryon was standing right there! They tell you to go sit down and not come to them when their in the pool, but we know our child. He has trouble following instructions sometimes. He's getting better though! And he's such a wild child!

At the end of the class, the teachers helped all the kids out of the water so they could walk around to the other side... By the time the teachers had helped the last kiddo out of the water, Nicky had led his little band of rebels all the way around to the other side of the pool. I chased after them to stop them from getting on the slide. The thing looks just like a slide at the park. It would have been one heck of a surprise for them when they hit the water at the bottom with no one there to catch them!

This is the first time Nicky has ever been in a situation where either I, his Daddy, his Aunt Lishy, or one of his grandparents have not been in control of him, and I find it very hard to relinquish control. LOL It's just that he runs off at the drop of a hat! He's not even allowed to let go of my hand in Walmart, and he's in water with people I barely know! It's so hard! But I'm doing good. I even managed to sit down this time. hehe Who knows, next time I might even turn my back for a full second!


Julia said…
Nice. You have the opposite problem with the same lack of listening. I'll take not going in with not listening over jumping in and not listening if I am aloud to choose. You've got a beast on your hands.

I had to sit next to the pool for several swim lessons just to get Wyatt to do the tasks at hand. The instructor is just way to nice and Wyatt walks all over nice... As I always say, "I'm doomed"
MsSnarkyPants said…
Yeah, your not listening seems much less dangerous! LOL He's definitely a mess, but he's such a cute mess! hehe
Drakonis said…
Bryon? Wow, and here I thought I was so original when "spelling" my son's name "Bryon" :-) Good to know there are other Bryons out there, especially C++ slingin' ones like me. I gravitated here from Julia's blog when seeing the unique spelling out of the corner of my browser. Nice to meet you MsSnarkyPants. Luckily my son's long past swim lessons, and we both survived his similarly gregarious behavior, mostly. Now if I can survive being a dad of a high school daughter, I'll be fine.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Nice to meet you too, Drakonis. I dunno if he's into the C++ but Bryon does more than his share of programming. Most of the time it's ASP I believe, but honestly I can never keep up with what programming language is in. :D High school student girl! That's just scary! Good luck! hehe

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