My husband is awesome!

So I've been trying since I was about 15 to find a good picture that looked even remotely like the symbol for the Penndragon vampire family in my books. I've never found one. Ever. And I should explain the fact that I am in fact extraordinary picky about such things.

It's a Celtic cross with a rose. Now I didn't want it to look like a symbol of a rose like they used on old coats of arms. I wanted it to look like a real rose. There in lay the problem. Everything I found looked like it had a Tudor rose on it. That was so not what I was looking for. Or I would find one that looked like it was wrapped in barbed wire. *Gasps* For the love of all that is good and holy, NO!!!!!

Well my hubby is quite talented graphically. And he's been learning 3D programs too, so I asked him if he thought he could make me what I wanted. So we put our brains together and I researched crosses until I found the perfect shape, and he made it for me!

Then I poked it... and prodded it....and I'm sure annoyed the heck out of him, until it was absolutely perfect!!! And this is what we got!

Thank you, sweetie pie!!! I love it so much!!!!!!!!!! You kick booty!

Now if someone could just make it into a necklace for me, life would be perfect. ;)


Julia Smith said…
That's gorgeous, Lesley! He IS awesome.
Jennifer Shirk said…
What a good hubby! :)
Wow, that’s really beautiful, Lesley! What an absolutely gorgeous pendant that would make. I think you need to get your talented husband to take a class on jewelry making so he can craft that beautiful graphic rendering into a necklace! :-D

siteseer said…
Pewter, gold or silver? It would be beautiful
MsSnarkyPants said…
Julia, isn't he!? :D I think I'll keep him. hehe

Jennifer, he's a sweetie pie!

Susan, I agree. I think I'll sign him up right now. hehe

Siteseer, I think sterling silver would be perfection!
Earth_Mommy said…
Wow. That is gorgeous. He is definitely awesome. Maybe you could find one of the jewelry makers on Twitters to make it for you?
MsSnarkyPants said…
Earth_Mommy, oh you have a point! I didn't even think about that! When I'm not so broke, I'll have to look into it!
Julia said…
What a handy smart hubby!! Nice that he helped you with this. The rose looks 3-D. Way cool.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Julia, he's a good hubby. :) And likes showing off his skillz. hehehe

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