Puppy Cake Time!

The reason I wanted to do a puppy birthday cake for Finn is because I've been calling him my little puppy since before he was even born. Nicky's Mommy's bear and Finn is Mommy's puppy. I wonder what the next one will be... (No, that's not an announcement! I still need to lose some more weight first. LOL)

So I found this adorable puppy online and decided I had to try to make a similar one.

Well...I've never actually carved a cake before. So as you can imagine it was somewhat terrifying.

First I made the fondant, then the butter cream, and then baked the cakes. Yes, I use boxed cake mixes. What of it? ;)

All the time while of course wearing my lovely apron from Apron Frenzy to keep my clothes from becoming completely covered with cakey goodness. :D I'm becoming somewhat of an Apron addict since discovering The Apron Goddesses.

So once everything was mixed up and baked, I was ready to go! But I procrastinated as much as possible as I was horrifically afraid that the carving would go awry. The first time I carved the head it did indeed look a little more like an alligator than a puppy. The next time I carved it, it looked like a German Shepherd head... Not very puppy like. LOL The third time it looked pretty close to what I was looking for and I had this.

So then I put the crumb coat on...

And I just kept telling myself over any over and over...It never looks great on Ace of Cakes before they put the fondant on. It never looks great on Ace of Cakes before they put the fondant on.

That's right, folks. I thought we were going to have to go with just cupcakes for his birthday. Cause that thing looks a little bit like a fetal pig laid out for dissection...

But then I put on the fondant. And a little note here...don't do fondant with long fingernails! It just doesn't work! Next time I'm cutting mine off right before I cover a cake with fondant so they're good and short. I made like five holes in the fondant!

And here we have puppy!

And no don't get any weird ideas about the upside down Hogs in the background. I LOOOOOOOOVE me some Razorbacks. My boys just love to play with them and they end up in all kinds of weird angles. hehehe

So there you have it! My little Finn's first birthday cake! I love you, Finn!!!


Awesome cake!!

I can't believe it's been a year already. Man, it's gone fast.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Thanks! Time really does go fast! Seems like just yesterday!
Jennifer Shirk said…
WOW! That looks great! I had my doubts as I was scrolling down the pictures (LOL!) but it came out adorable!
MsSnarkyPants said…
Thanks! Yeah, I definitely had my doubts too. LMAO

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