World's Cutest Farmer!

I had to share this because its adorableness was almost too much for me. hehehe

He may not let me cook it. I can't get him to let go of it for five seconds. I'm pretty excited too. I must say. hehe

These Pumpkins are determined to make it all the way to Canada by fall. ;-)

I may have planted a littttttttle too much in this garden...

Nicky watering the watermelons and corn.

Our squash pre-harvest.

Baby pepper with a cucumber plant right next to it. I didn't realize quite how big cucumbers got, when I planted it in the MIDDLE of the garden... I'm trying to rain it up a trellis...

Allllmost ready crookneck squash.

I can't believe people don't grow Eggplant just for these precious little blooms!!! They look like little fairy skirts!

There's a brief tour of our garden. :-D Hope you enjoyed.


Julia said…
What was that belly shot at the end? Too cute.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Julia: Yeah, he had a brief Boy Gone Wild moment there. hehehe
What a darling video! He is just so cute and adorable, Lesley! And I think you’re right, he’s not about to let you cook his prize veggie! LOL

MsSnarkyPants said…
Thanks, Susan! I did manage to wrestle it away from him to cook it, but only because I let him help. LOL Of course, he didn't eat it... But a Mommy's gotta try!

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