Bear Ears for Baby and Toddler Hats

I made Vixen's soon to arrive grand baby a little bear hat. I found the pattern for the hat at The Art of Crochet and created the ears myself. This is the one that I made for Roly Poly.

I think it turned out super cute, but I wasn't 100% sure about the ear pattern. It's a little rounded for the bear ears I was going for.

Well I posted it a picture of it on facebook and another friend who just had a baby a couple months ago requested one for her little girl. I fought with figuring out how to make the pattern bigger before I finally figured it out. I did make Kaida a cute hat in the process though.

Yeah, that wasn't just a little bigger like I'd been going for. It was A LOT bigger. hehe

Finally, however, I figured out the following. I liked the ears a little better but I had to fight when sewing it on because I did it on a circle and the circle got in the way.

I have finally found the perfect way to make the ears though. I just need a hat to sew the ones I made onto. It's going to be for Finn so it'll take a bit longer than the itty bitty baby hats.

The pattern is as follows....

Bear Ears

Chain 9
Single Crochet in 2nd stitch from hook
2 Double Half Crochet in next Stitch
2 Double Crochet next Stitch
2 Triple Crochet next Stitch
2 Triple Crochet next Stitch
2 Double Crochet next Stitch
2 Double Half Crochet next Stitch
Slip stitch in last stitch

I hope I called those stitches the right names...

I needed a nice storage bag for my crochet stuff. The zip lock bag I found all of them in in my Granny's sewing machine was about to fall apart. (Thanks Granny for assembling the perfect kit!) I got this makeup bag when the boys and I were at walmart. It's the perfect size and the zipper pull is a cupcake. Come on! Cupcakes and Crochet in one? How could you go wrong. :-D


Julia Smith said…
Love your too-big hat with the flower on it. Happy accident!
Amanda said…
You have WAY more talent than I have!

Also, over on my blog I've given you a "creative writing" award... yes those quotes are deliberate, LOL. It's a funny little thing and I thought you'd enjoy it :)
They (and I) loved, loved, loved the hat! It is so freaking cute. I can hardly wait (but I will, I will) until he can come out and put it on! Thanks so much!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Julia: Thanks! Kaida (My BFF's 4 yo) just loves it. hehe

Amanda: Oh that looks fun! I'll see if I can manage to get it posted tonight. :-D

Vixen: So glad they like it! Can't wait to see a picture of him in it. But I CAN wait cause little dude needs to bake a litttle while longer! :-D If she can just get to 37 that'll be fabu!
Funsize said…
I got your bear hat and it is so cute! Roly Poly is going to wear it with his coming home outfit, it goes so well together! Thanks so much!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Funsize: So glad you like it! You're very welcome! Can't wait for him to be coming home healthy and beautiful!
Julia said…
Oh my you can do this too? Where is the time? I need some too. :) Good work L! Inspiring and tiring all at once.
How cute! I'd be happy making a simple scarf... Thanks for the crochet lesson!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Julia: hehe I don't know where I find the time...hehehe Actually as far as crocheting I do. I can't sit without having my hands occupied or I go nuts, but there are a few tv shows I really like so I do it during them. hehe

Weighting Around: Thanks! I've never actually made a scarf. hehe Though I was thinking of making one soon.
Anonymous said…
Single crochet in first stitch...from hook?
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Yeahhh...I was making some yesterday and realized that doesn't work. I edited the instructions.

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