Someone takes his gaming too seriously...

This morning I got up with the boys and came into the living room. Bryon had been up after me playing xbox and left his controller on the table. Well of course the first thing Finn did was grab the controller. He then plopped down in Bryon's chair and hunched over the controller with a very serious look on his face and started staring at the tv (that wasn't even on) pushing buttons. After a second of this he started glaring and making the most hillarious angry faces I've ever seen. This all culminated with him making a growling sound and throwing his arms up in the air.

It was actually an incredibly good impersonation of his father playing xbox. LMAO


That IS hysterical. Too bad you don't have video to play back to Bryon!
Anonymous said…
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Lesley Speller said…
It seems inevitable that the second I get the camera out he stops being cute! I think it's some sort of mommy torture device. LOL

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