Post in Which I Whine

Okay, so you may remember that a little over a year ago they tested my thyroid and it came back as not working as well as it should. Then they did another test and said it was within normal ranges on that one so I didn't need any medicine. I then ordered a natural thyroid supplement and started taking it. I started losing weight. I had more energy. My depression disappeared. My short temper disappeared. I started feeling like a human being again.

Well as I mentioned before, we're planning on starting trying for number three toward the end of May. So at my annual visit this last Monday I talked to her about the thyroid thing. You see, your thyroid effects your progesterone levels and low progesterone in early pregnancy can cause miscarriage. I had to have my progesterone supplemented with both the boys. So it's entirely possible the miscarriage I had was progesterone related too. So she wanted me to go off of my thyroid and get retested. Then she'll be able to put me on something prescription that is more easily regulated than natural thyroid supplements. We talked about the fact that the way I tested last time (High on TSH and within normal ranges on T3 and T4 Free - think that's what you call them) that indicates that you are sub-clinical hypothyroid. Sub-clinical can still cause symptoms and benefit from treatment. Not to mention that it can also progress to worse hypothyroidism later. So I kind of figured that's what she'd want to do. I had no idea she'd want me off of them for a whole three weeks though!

I've been off of them for a week now. Here comes the whining part.

I'm tirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred and collllllllllllllllllllld and grummmmmmmmmmmmpy. I've been taking naps and I'm still tired all the time. And did I mention grumpy? My poor children and husband are bearing the brunt of it I'm afraid. So to them I'm very sorry. And have I mentioned how badly I need a nap right now? Cause I do. A nap would be delightful!

K, I'm done whining. This is for a good cause.

You guys can go ahead and start thinking little girl baby thoughts at me if you have time. Maybe by may I'll have them nice and built up. hehehe


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