Absence from Internet Awesomeness

You may have noticed that I've been absent from the internet for much of the last two weeks. Or then again you might not have...

My in-laws came to visit from Denmark. First there was the mass cleaning before they got here. Then their actual visit. Then the mass cleaning after they left. (Which isn't actually finished yet, but I'm getting close.)

We did much shopping (prices are sooo much cheaper here than over there.) My FIL got new glasses which arrived literally within minutes of our leaving for the airport. There was much rejoicing.

I took them to Terra Studios, because I'd always wanted to go see it and had heard that it was lovely. It was! Nicky nicknamed it the Magical Forest. At least the trail part of it. I've got to get back there when it's actually open so I can buy one of their pink bluebirds of happiness.

We went to Branson, MO, where we stayed in a pretty darn nifty hotel. We spent two days at Silver Dollar City.

We also saw the Dixie Stampede. Finn was not impressed with the Dixie Stampede. Well he was at first, when the horses were all running around, but when the talking and singing started he decided that we should get up and go run around behind the aisles instead of watching.

I'm also almost done with my spring cleaning! Woot! I've just got to go through the boys clothes and sort out the too small things. It's crazy. Finn's so big that the clothes Nicky just outgrow actually already fit him. It saves storage space that's for sure! And the stuff Finn grows out of gets deposited in the baby closet which I managed to clean ALL of my husband's stuff out of before the in-laws arrived. Go me! I then managed to convince him to get rid of like 3 garbage bags worth of worthless cables and computer parts that he felt the need to hold on to for some unknown reason. Go him for submitting to the clean sweep! Next step is to get him to sort through his clothes. There are things in that closet that he's had since I've known him... And they aren't like sentimental pieces and lordy they look their age!

I'm all kinds of crazy tired. I can't manage to get caught up on my sleep because my munchkins insist on getting up at the crack of dawn even when I don't actually have to! Oy!

Oh well, I'm back! I'm sure you all missed me very much. ;)

Oh wait! We also went to the Safari Park out in Gentry, and it was so much fun. We petted goats, pigs, spider monkeys, a baby burro (I WANT ONE!), a zebra, and saw tinnnny baby tigers. The cuteness of that was just almost too much for me!


Jennifer Shirk said…
Well I missed you! LOL

Glad you some nice time away. Your boys are SO cute!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Yay! I feel loved! hehe Thanks! They're pretty sweet too most of the time. ;)
Amanda said…
I noticed you were gone -- I did I did!!

Looks like you had a wonderful trip :)
Julia Smith said…
I missed you, too! And there are probably a ton of lurkers who missed you but they never comment anyway.

What great shots of your boys. They're going to be ladykillers in the not-too-distant future...
Anonymous said…
I wondered where you were, too :)

Wow. You had more action packed days than I thought was possible to do!
Ms Snarky Pants said…
Amanda- We did indeed! Exhausting but fun. :-D

Julia- Thanks! I think they're darn handsome myself. Of course, I recognize the fact that I might be a weee bit biased. hehe

Madison- Tell me about it! I'm still recovering!
Julia said…
You've been so busy I can only say that I know what you feel like but with a different slant. . .

Looks like fun has been happening in between your cleaning sprees. Tackling the kids clothes is a chore unto itself. I need a little motivation on that one. :D

Bye for now.

Glad you're back!

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