I'm Angry and I have to say this somewhere

This Article has seriously p'd me off!

Normally I wouldn't bring up religion or abortion, but I just had to say something about this. I will say briefly that I am very uncomfortably pro-choice. I believe a woman has a right to end a pregnancy if she feels she needs to for whatever reason. I don't think, however, that I would be able to do the same, but I refuse to judge others who do since I've never been in a situation that required I make that decision and hope never to be. That being said here is what happened...

A woman was 11 weeks pregnant with her 5th child. She got very sick and was rushed to the hospital. It just so happened to be a Catholic hospital. The doctors told her that her risk of mortality was "nearly 100%" if she continued the pregnancy. It was something called right heart failure which I've never heard of and know nothing about, but I'm sure the doctors wouldn't have told her that risk if it weren't the case. She had 4 other children who needed their mommy so she made the decision (I'm sure a very difficult one) to have an abortion, but they almost didn't let her. A nurse nun made the decision to allow the abortion to save the mother's life. Mom survived. Yay, nun! The bishop then heard about this and had her "automatically" excommunicated.

Okay, fine. maybe it was against church rules to allow the abortion, but isn't it against church rules to rape children? Why haven't all the priests who've been caught molesting children gotten excommunicated.

That's all I've got to say. I've got no problem at all with Catholics because of this. That would be like being mad at all Americans because of Bush, but the leadership of the church can kiss my booty. That's just awful!


Julia said…
Religion is the beginning of the loss of rational thought in some sects. Common sense gets abandoned for ideology. . .
Amanda said…
I believe there is biblical basis for conserving the life of the mother at the expense of the unborn, so that bishop needs to pull his head out of his ass.

Pardon my language.
Lesley Speller said…
Julia: I agree completely! Extremists are so not cool.

Amanda: I think the nun was even citing a code in some kind of medical charter from the church that stated that if a procedure would cause the death of an unborn child but save the mother's life it was permissible. She clearly thought about it very hard. It wasn't just a rash decision.

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