The Greek and Indian Meet and Have a Scrumptious Love Child

That's the only way I can describe this meal. I call it Tzatziki Curry Chicken. Bascially one day I had forgotten that I used all my yogurt for my curry chicken making my tzatziki the day before and figured why not try it. It was crazy yummy!

So here we go!


Grate a cucumber and put it inside a few paper towels to soak up the water. Squeeze it if you have to, to get out the excess.

Garlic (about 3ish cloves-but I like mine potent feel free to use less)
Fresh Mint (around a hand full)

Add this to one of the largish containers of plain Greek yogurt, or non-Greek yogurt if you can't find it, or you can make your own like Meghan Conrad. I keep meaning to try it, and I keep forgetting and eating my starter. LOL

Mix everything together well and add salt to taste then put it in your fridge. The longer Tzatziki has to sit and mingle its flavor the better it is.

The chicken curry part:

Cut up in largish chunks:
4 chicken breasts
2 green peppers
1 onion

Heat your pan and add a little olive oil. Once it's good and warm add your veggies and chicken. Cook it until the chicken begins to turn white then add:

1 tablespoon red curry powder

Mix that in good and then cook it until it's good and well done. Then add half of the container of Tzatziki and heat through.

We like to serve this over rice. Man now I'm hungry for it again, and I had it two days ago!

Eat and Enjoy!

Now you ask what to do with the other half of the container of Tzatziki? Well we like to make homemade pitas. Sometimes I just eat that dipped in the Tzatziki and it's almost a meal all by itself. Sometimes I made a pasta salad to go with it. Sometimes a greek chicken meal. Tzatziki is delightful with almost anything!


Vixen said…
Mmmm, hungry now!
Meghan Conrad said…
Ooh, this looks awesome. The latest (shocking) development in food around here is that Maura apparently loves curry--we made some the other night (this, using coconut milk and garbanzos--you should try it, because omg, so good!) and she scarfed it down and then asked to take the leftovers for lunch the next day. I'll definitely have to try making this!
Jennifer Shirk said…
I love food like that! You had me at curry and greek yogurt. LOL
Meghan Conrad said…
Shoot--sorry for my malformed link!

It was this curry.

As a reference, kumera is sweet potato, and we used coconut milk for the oat milk + coconut essence. I also left out the ground almonds (didn't have any, and didn't want to go to the store YET AGAIN). We used garbanzos as the beans part of the equation, but I'm told that it's super delicious with butter beans, as well. (I assume that it'd also be tasty with limas.)

Hopefully this time it'll work...
Lesley Speller said…
Meghan: Thanks! That looks delicious! I love coconut milk. Just had Tropical Bean Soup for lunch. It's heavy on the coconut milk and leaves me wanting more. We'll have to try this soon. Maura is a girl after my own heart! Nicky won't eat much of anything, but Finn is a little foodie. Loves everything!

Jennifer: It's downright delightful! :-D
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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