Most Definitely Finn and Not Avalon

We are beyond a shadow of a doubt having a little boy. There is no mistaking the ultrasound picture I've got. Bryon asked if maybe it could still a girl? Umm...if it is, she has a penis. LOL

Anyway we're both in good health, but I spent Friday evening in the hospital. Blah!

You darling sneaky child tried to make a break for it. It was about 70 on Friday (today we woke up to several inches of've gotta love Arkansas) so I took Nicky out to play in the backyard. Well our gate isn't the best in the world, and Nicky has figured out how to open it. So I always block it with a big cinder block, which is way too big for him to move. So he found another way around it.

The puppies were out playing with us, and Nicky announced that he wanted to go in the house. So I went and let the puppies in the back door closing the gate behind me. Only I can't cinder block it from the outside. I should have known that telling me he wanted to go in was a scam. He never wants to go in. I usually have to drag him in kicking and screaming. What he really wanted was to go sit on the "Big Red Tractor," my husband's lawnmower. So I turn around from shutting the dogs back in the house, and he's opening the gate. So he starts toward the lawnmower, and I start walking really quickly toward him. (You know toddlers are like run away wild animals if you run to catch them, they sprint away.) Well he turns around to see me and takes off running toward...the road! Now it's not exactly a freeway or even a highway. It's a dirt road, but Mommy panic kicks in and I take off running after him. I make it a few steps and my foot gets caught on a branch that blew out of a tree during the last wind storm and fall flat on my face...and more importantly my rotund, pregnant belly.

So Nicky turns around and comes back to me, pats my arm, and says. "Okay, Mama?"

Well, points for caring!

So I gather myself up, and get him back in the house and call my doctor's office, but they close at 2 on Fridays. Lame! And then I'm really nervous about it so I have them page the doctor on call. He calls and tells me I need to come in for an ultrasound so I tell Bryon to get his butt home and take me.

So when I do get to the hospital, the doctor is like...yeah, since your twenty weeks there isn't really anything we can do if there is something wrong, but let's just have an ultrasound anyway and find out. How encouraging, right? Now I'm not in the least bit of pain and Finn was doing his usual water aerobics (this kid is moving all the time) so I didn't figure there was anything wrong, but of course I do what I'm told. The ultrasound came back as just fine. Happy, healthy, little boy. He was either sucking or drinking amniotic fluid when she took his profile picture. It was pretty darn cute.

So that is how I spent my Friday night? I'm a regular swinging cat, no? hehe


Anonymous said…
Ok, for a brief moment I forgot that you had already told me about what happened, and was freaked out when I read you were in the hospital Friday night!

Did you not get a picture of the ultrasound? That would have ended that post on a bright note! However, I'm glad you and Finn are ok, and I hope Nicky learned something? maybe? hopefully?
Anonymous said…
ok, I deleted the first comment because I spelled two words wrong, and wanted to type more, but does it have to say it was removed by the author? LOL
Anonymous said…
hehe I don't know of a way to make it not say the thing about it being deleted. Of course, I'm no blogger expert so someone else might. Nicky's two he didn't learn a darn thing. LOL He hasn't yet got the whole long term cause and effect thing figured out yet. I did get some ultrasound pictures, but they weren't terribly clear aside from the gender shot and I think I'll refrain from posting a picture of my son's wee wee on the blog. LMAO

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