I have a request...

Could it please stop raining!!!!

Now, about half of my state has been declared a disaster area. We're on a mountain where we are so aside from seriously soggy ground, we're fine. That's not the case for so many people around though.

My parents' river house is within two feet of having water coming in! Check out this article. The picture is actually of the community where their house is, Maddox Bay. It's so sad, because they've been working so hard on getting it all fixed up, and it's absolutely adorable! I'm so grateful that they're not living there full time now, because my mom said there is no way in and out since all the roads are flooded. If you've got a big truck then you can still get in and out, but otherwise you're stuck! Well, unless you have a boat. Since it's a fishing area most of them do, so I guess there is that. Still there are lots of older folks, who have retired to the area. I'm sure it's going to be really rough on them.

Lemmie just take this moment to say DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS RUNNING WATER!!! A man from our area had his truck washed away when we were having such serious flooding last week, and they only just recently found his body. It happens so often! Not with such tragic circumstances always, but why take the risk?

Any way here is my final plea to the powers that be... PLEASE STOP THE RAINING!!! We've had more than enough now. How about we save any for the next, oh, two weeks or so for this summer when we're in drought again? Sound like a plan? Thanks!


Ooh, hang in there, babe. I'm sending dry thoughts your way.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Oh, dear. I hope the sun comes out soon for ya!
Oh, Lesley, this sounds just awful. The Pacific Northwest has been curiously without much rain lately--it seems it all headed to Arkansas instead. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your family!
Me said…
Ugh, I don't think that anyone up there was listening to my plea... We are in the midst of a nasty storm as I speak...err type. Water was actually up to the base of my car one place I drove through on the way home!

Well all my new plants are getting nicely watered...

Thanks for all your good wishes!
Jenn said…
I agree, the rain is out of hand. The earth works in retarded ways, as we're getting repeatedly flooded, and Lake Mead out in Nevada is at record lows and could seriously use all this rain! Of course there are lots of other areas that need the rain too, but that's the first one that came to mind.
Vixen said…
Rain, rain go away. Come again another day (next year).

That should do it. I hear it works anyway.

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