Limericks...Cause I Feel Guilty for Forgetting to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

So I'm not a poet. I'm just not... But here are some limericks I wrote to go in my portfolio for one of my Creative Writing classes.

The teacher didn't like them. She was Irish and said she felt cursed by the entire form of the Limerick... Of course, she didn't like ANYTHING I wrote. Didn't learn much from her... Well anyway... Oh, well, I think Limericks are adorable! And no these aren't naughty so get your mind out of the gutter.

Emily May

Once in a land far away,
Was a girl they called Emily May,
She didn’t know why,
But she rose very high
That one day she floated away.

Montserrat Bay

In a place they call Montserrat Bay,
It is there that I wish I could stay.
The water’s so blue
You’d think it was new,
But in fact it’s been there everyday.

The Fairy Queen

She’s as light as a bird on the wing.
Ainé can do anything.
She’s been queen of the fae
As long as they say
The winter’s been turning to spring.


Vixen said…
Those are adorable. I love them. Especially the last one.
Jenn said…
They're cute! Is this the same teacher that got to experience the chap stick incident??
Jenn said…
btw.... the only green I wore was my ponytail holder and umm... my underwear, LOL. I don't think people I work with really care about St. Patrick's day, I never got pinched and only got asked once if I was wearing green.
Julia Smith said…
Emily May - why I have a little cousin named Emily May.

I love the last line on the Montserrat Bay one. And my favorite is The Fairy Queen.
Me said…
Awwww, y'all are sweet. The Fairy Queen one was my favorite too. hehehe

Jenn, nope that was Adam Prince. He was my most favorite of all of my creative writing teachers. hehe

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