Virtual Nesting

I forgot it was Thursday yesterday! I didn't do my Thursday 13! I didn't watch Lost. I think it's cause we have today off work and so it totally blows my understanding of the days of the week.

All I did all day yesterday was clean!

But Nicky's New room is now clean and straightened with lovely matching storage boxes. The only thing left in there is to clean out the closet... Not that that will be a small accomplishment. It actually requires that I clean out our bedroom closet, the now guest room closet, the linen closet, and the coat closet before I can properly redistribute the stuff in there so Nicky and Finn can have some space of their own.

It also requires that Bryon clean out his side of our closet and his side of what was Nicky's closet.

Which brings me to the topic of Virtual Nesting. Now obviously since I'm pregnant there are some things I can't actually do myself. Move large objects, work with nasty chemicals, clean the liter box, that kind of thing. And as all husband's are prone to be, my darling hubby requires a little prodding to get him to do things. It is not unusual for me to have to ask him more than five times to get him to do something.

Now, I don't possess any illusions. I know all men, or in the least most men, are like this. I don't expect him to change. I have however come to harness his weaknesses to my advantage. Muhahaha! He is a techno geek, and he works with SharePoint a lot at work. He was also in the military so he is big on planning and checklists. My answer? I've made us a family SharePoint site! I don't know if you've ever used SharePoint, but you can create these team websites with Tasks, Discussions, a shared Calendar, and a Shared Documents area. There are probably other things that you can have but that's the usual. So I created a task list and assigned Bryon his tasks and Voila! He's been accomplishing them! Twas an excellent plan.


Anonymous said…
You are the most brilliant wife ever!

You missed LOST?!?!?!?! The island won't let Michael die?!?!?!
Anonymous said…
You know....... yesterday was the first time in 10 years that I've had to WORK on the Friday of Spring Break, it sucked! I whined about it all night, lol.

Work was crazy and insane, people were grumpy and arguing, things were breaking, people were sick, and nothing was going quite right. And then it hit me, duh, full moon, hehe. So blame that on your forgetfulness of it being Thursday, hehe.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: You know, I never really liked Micheal. He's just obnoxious! Who the heck tells their 10 year old they murdered two people so that he could rescue them??? Even if it was absolutely necessary (and I don't think it was!!!), he's a little boy! He doesn't need that kind of guilt!

Jenn: It was apparently one really powerful full moon too. All kinds of terrible things happening! When you feel bad about not having the night off just think of the pay... hehehe
Anonymous said…
The hubby did that with ME. LOL!

We use a Ta-Da list. I can add or take away things from his list and he can do the same with me. It's a lot nice than having to "write" things down.

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