Is it just me…

Or does anyone else ever get sick and tired of being the responsible one? The one who says that the elaborate plans are a terrible idea, because such and such a bill has to be paid or such and such a thing be done.

And since you're always the party pooper, why would anyone bother to thank you for seeing to it that things are done and children are fed and clothed and bills are paid?

And when you give up the things that are important to you to make sure that everyone else has what they need and want, does anyone notice? No! They don't! Because why would they?

And why should anyone be proud of you, when no matter how hard you work at everything you do at home, at work, and in your writing you never get a bit of recognition for any of it.

And why do you bother anyway?

Cause you have to. What choice do you have? The bills have to be paid and the family has to be taken care of and if you don't write occasionally then the rest of it will drive you completely insane. Even if no one appreciates a darn thing you do.

Okay, I'm through wallowing. Me thinks I'm a tad hormonal!


Vixen said…
Umm, I could just cut and paste that and it could be my post!

Here is a paddle....we seem to be in the same boat.
Me said…
Feels so good to know I"m not alone!

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