Thursday Thirteen #41

13 Things I Would Buy if I Was Ridiculously, Obscenely, Obnoxiously Wealthy and Had Already Bought all My Friends and Families New Cars and Houses and Donated to Lots of Charities

As inspired by Daisy Dexter Dobbs' most recent post!

1. A Truly Over the Top Diamond Necklace
It would be exquisite. This isn't even quite as ostentatious as I had in mind, but you get the idea. I'll take one in blue and one in pink sapphires to go with it. ;)
2. A Castle
I'm thinking perhaps Neuschwanstein. You will all naturally be invited to my housewarming party.
3. A Tiara
Come on! I have a castle and a gorgeous diamond necklace. What's the next logical step?
4. A Rami Kashou Original
I totally got sucked into Project Runway, because Amanda, the mostly lovely of all the models, grew up right down the road from me. Normally I'm not much of a reality tv fan, but I simply had to watch every episode of this one, and I realllly wanted Rami to win! I mean Christian was very talented and all (I don't think anyone could argue that he's not), but how many people are going to wear the things he makes? And I didn't like his attitude particularly either. I'm a whole hearted believer in having confidence in ones self, but I don't think confidence equals trashing other people's work behind their back. Actually I think that shows a complete lack of confidence. Rami, on the other hand, was a lovely person and an incredible designer. The dresses he turned out were absolute masterpieces, and they were something that women would wear not just on a runway but to things in real life! Okay I'm done now. Go Rami! hehe
5. A Beach House
I'm going to need a vacation house right? This one will do jussssssssst fine.
6. An Andalusian Mare
I've mentioned a couple of times my love of horses? :-D
7. The most up to the date ridiculous computer evah!
It would be so fast it would know the answer to your query before you've thought of the question.
8. A Yacht
For my world travels.
9. A Private Jet
Bryon wants to learn to fly...I'd be okay with that if we're allowed to hire a copilot for him. Way too many obscenely wealthy people crash their private planes...
10. My Own Rock Wall
What? You think it would clash with the decor of my castle?
11. Every Single scent of Black Phenoix Alchemy Labs Oils there are!
They smell soooo gooood. I'm sure that is not the case with ALL of them, but if I had them all I could find out!
12. A Kitchen full of Pink Awesome Appliances
I love pink, and I want to love to cook... If I had a good cooking space I might love it! Oh and my kitchen would have TONS of cabinets! I have like three and a half right now... That just don't cut it!
13. A Personal Trainer and Chef!
I'd hire a chef with SKILLS to make fabulous meals in my pink kitchen that are low in fat and calories, and my Personal trainer would be there to help me work off my chocolate indulgences.


Nicholas said…
I don't think Neuschwanstein is for sale! But if it is, I definitely want to go to your party. And I want to be invited to climb your rock wall too!
damozel said…
That's a nice list of things to buy---and I know what you mean about Rami. Though I'm a Christian fan, RK had more wearable clothes.

I love it that you say you would buy goodies for your friends and family first. I hope you get that rich!

13 Hearts
Skittles said…
I was laughing at the title of the post!!!

OoOooo.. a castle! Me, too! :)
Michelle Hasker said…
Awesome list Lesley!!

My kitchen is way too small too :)
Vixen said…
You will have to share that castle with me. I already picked it out years ago. You get right, I'll take the left...
Jennifer Shirk said…
LOL! You had me laughing out loud at your title!

So...I'd be invited to stay at your beach house, right?
And I thought I had dreams! This tops mine a million times over.
LOVED your wonderful list, Lesley! It's so much fun to come up with those deliciously, outrageously greedy ideas, isn’t it? Bring on the big bucks and we’ll go shopping for those pink appliances together! LOL
Jenn said…
What do you mean house warming party,???? You'd better be inviting me to live there too!!!! :P :)

Btw, Paul, mom's boyfriend or whatever you want to call him, used to be a pilot and flight instructor :) Every time he comes up this way, he brings his airplane gps thing and the radio that listens to air frequencies... He's charmingly weird some days, lol.
Julia Smith said…
Love your T13 title, first of all. The beach house is strangely cozy-looking for such a big structure. And your Andalusion mare is gorgeous!

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