Seeking the Aid of a Higher Power

Don't worry. This isn't going to be a religious post. I can almost 100% guarantee that I will never be going there on this blog.

So I've talked in the past about Nicky's obsession with the Wii. He loves that thing. Passionately. To the point of obsession. His favorite games are Cars, Wii Play, and his new Diego game, which we only got a scant two days before the incident.

Nicky had been trying to convince me all day to play Diego, but I didn't want him playing all the time, and he was being rather ornery about it so that clinched my decision to not let him play. I'm so not giving in to the orneriness! However, after lunch he had ceased his ranting about it and been good while eating his lunch, so when he came to me hugged me really tight and gave me a kiss and asked to play Diego I decided to let him. Well, I got up and turned on the Wii and it said it didn't have a disc...Odd since I'd left Diego in it. I hit the eject button and sure enough Diego popped out. hmmm... Tried another couple discs and got the exact same result.

The horror of horrors had happened. The Wii was broken!!! *insert corny horror music here*

Well I remembered that we'd gotten the two year warranty when we got the Wii so I got out the receipt and looked up the website for said warranty and filed a claim. All the time, an angry, betrayed baby bear was staring at me ranting (again) about wanting to play Diego. The email I received back from the claim said that I was to take the Wii the next business day to So and So's Satellite repair in Pennsylvania... Take it to Pennsylvania??? I could buy a new Wii for the price of gas! So I emailed and asked if I could mail it, and they said they were sorry but the instructions were for local people... Okay... I should wait for a mailing label, which should come within the week (if it's not there when I get home today then that isn't true), then after they receive it, the repair should be completed within 10-15 business days. All and all this ads up to over a month. How can I be Wii-less a month!?!?! Don't they know that WiiFit is coming out in March!!!!!!!

Anyway so Nicky was very displeased with me! He kept asking for Diego, Cars, Cows (WiiPlay). To which I always replied. Nicky, I'm really sorry baby but Said Game is broken.

Well this weekend I was taking Bryon to a friend's in a town not far from here, and I missed the road and had to turn around in a little subdivision. Nicky, in the back seat, suddenly shouted GRANDMA!!! I looked up and sure enough the subdivision bore a striking resemblance to the one my mother lives in, only she lives about four hours away... I tried to explain that it wasn't Grandma's, it only looked like Grandma's, but when we turned around without visiting Grandma there was much screaming.

Apparently this triggered a chain of thoughts in my two-year olds head, because later that evening when we were picking up Bryon again, he shouted that he wanted to call Grandma. Now he's never actually asked to call anyone, so I naturally picked up the cell phone, called her, and let him talk. The first words out of his mouth?

"Grandma, Cars broken."
*inaudible Grandma voice*
"Grandma, Diego broken."

So when I got the phone back I had to explain to her that my child, apparently believing me powerless to fix his Wii had sought out someone of much higher power. The Grandma!


Anonymous said…
ha ha sorry to hear that you are having to deal with the Great Despression again. Well at least he is showing as much concern for grandma and he is his wii :)

And if it makes you feel any better I think my husband would be acting the same way if his broke :)
Anonymous said…
I am pretty sure Grama's are magical and given the opportunity she could fix said Wii (but hey that is just my opinion). That could you be Wiiless for a month? That is tragic (and I am not kidding)!

PS Why did they have to kill Bonnie? I liked her!!!!
Anonymous said…
Teachin: It really is a very tragic loss! At least we still have the click start though. ;-)

Vixen: Grandma's ARE magical! They have powers that no one else has! I think they killed her to make Stanley turn on the establishment...At least they didn't kill Mimi (yet)

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