Thursday Thirteen #42

13 Things I Want for Baby Finn

Now I've got most of the things I need for the little guy, because he's gotten all his big brother's clothes and stuff, but there are a few more things I'd like to have for him. And I'm not feeling very creative in my list today. LOL

  1. Winnie the Pooh Travel System – It's an infant car seat and a stroller that it fits into or you can just use the stroller on it's own. While I'm at it, Nicky could also use a new car seat. Nothing wrong with his other than the fact that it's hideously faded from being in the car for two and a half years. I'll probably just hold off until he is big enough for one of the nicer booster seats.
  2. Breath Monitor – Sounds weird right? It actually measures micro-movements and if it doesn't sense any in a certain period of time (like five seconds I think) it sets off an alarm and wakes mommy and daddy. I know it must make me sound like a crazy woman, but I spent the entire first year of Nicky's life waking up every ten minutes to make sure he was breathing! Maybe I could actually get some sleep with this thing!
  3. 12 Pack of Bum Genius Cloth Diapers – I've already got some fuzi bunz in small sizes, but the Bum Geniuses are a one size fits all diaper so he could wear them for a lot longer. Plus they are super cute.
  4. Newborn Drop Ins Bottle Set – These are great bottles. You just drop in a plastic lining which you toss after you're done. Less cleanup and they are fabulous for nursing mom's. Nicky didn't have any trouble switching back and forth with them.
  5. A couple of Swaddler Blankets – These are wonderful. It's the wonderful effects of swaddling without having to retuck the blanket a thousand times!
  6. Diaper Kit – This is just a handy changing pad that you can fit one or two diapers and a few wipes in for those quick changes when you don't wanna grab the WHOLE diaper bag.
  7. Shopping Cart Cover – For when he can actually sit up in the cart.
  8. Infantino Sling Rider Baby Carrier – We've got a wonderful carrier for older babies, but I need one that is more for a newbie. This one seems good.
  9. Video Monitor – I never trust my baby monitor that is just sound. I have all these horrible visions of things that could have happened that made no noise. So I keep going in to check and waking the little one up!
  10. Dresser – This is actually for Nicky and Finn both. Nicky's clothes are now crammed into a little one that was great when he was a little baby, but now that he's bigger his clothes are too.
  11. Milk Storage Organizer – Last time I had it just tossed in the freezer next to all the other frozen stuff. I'm sure this is a much better idea!
  12. Loft Bed – Okay, obviously this is for when they are much older, but isn't it cuuuute!
  13. The Dangerous Book for Boys – This is an adorable book that tells you all kinds of things, like how to build soap box derby cars and the rules of different sports. What little boys wouldn't need that?


Anonymous said…
Great list. Ladybug just moved up to the toddler car seat last week. Oh, they grow so fast.

I want to tell you again, how I adore the name Finn!!! Really, I do.
Anonymous said…
Video monitor - it's the all-baby channel, all the time! These are all great baby things - I used to work in an infants' wear and nursery furniture department 20 years ago and almost none of these things were available then. Great list.
Anonymous said…
I didn't have any of that stuff for my kids, but I have to admit that now, I'm eyeing The Dangerous Book, or whatever it's called. #1 would totally dig it.
Anonymous said…
#2? That doesn't make you crazy. I wanted one for my baby too. Instead I did like you did for your first one- checked on her all night long.
Anonymous said…
Vixen: Isn't it crazy! Seems like just yesterday Nicky was born and now he's closing in on three! Thanks so much! I've gotten some mixed reactions to the name Finn. I LOVE it!

Julia: There is so much fun, helpful stuff these days! I'll bet working in the baby department was fun!

Susan: There is a Book for Daring Girls too. I can't remember the exact name, but I may just have to get it for me. hehe

Melanie: I'm glad I'm not the only one! Isn't that thing cool! I'm so obsessive, and I think of all these horrific things that could happen. Oy!

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