Why the Pyramid Collection can no longer expect my patronage.

Now I have always enjoyed the Pyramid Collection catalog (note that I'm not linking to it cause I'm so not going to encourage anyone to go there) and have purchased from them many times in the past. That relationship is OVER, which is sad because they have a lot of beautiful products that are just my style.

This is how it went down…

Toward the end of last month, I was reviewing my most recent charges on my credit card to ensure that all was well. I do this about once a week, because…well because I'm obsessive compulsive mostly. So I notice this strange charge…


I, of course, immediately called my credit card company and asked them what was up. I was informed that it was a subscription, and they gave me the telephone number of the company which was making the withdrawal. I was also told that this was the second month it had happened. Hmm… Why would I not have noticed a payment I didn't authorize?

I looked up the previous month's and realized that I had seen it and since I had been expecting a charge of approximately the same amount for something hubby had legitimately signed up for that I hadn't thought a thing of it.

Upon calling the number, I was asked for my membership number… Now how would I have a membership number when I didn't sign up for it? So they finally found it by my last name and zip code. Apparently it was in Bryon's name. I asked how it was that they got our credit card number, and they refused to give me any further information, since my husband had "signed up" for it and was therefore the owner of the account. They did, however, cancel the account at my request and issue a refund for that month's payment but refused to issue a refund for the previous month's as my husband had "agreed to their terms" when he "signed up."

They went so far as to refuse to tell me what their business was… Now I understand that there are strict privacy laws, but how can the privacy laws require that she not tell me what the business is if, in fact, it is a real and legitimate business and not a scam? Does that make sense to anyone else?

So I had Bryon call…

They informed him that he signed up for it when he filled out a survey for the Pyramid Collection when he purchased a Christmas present for me. They then refused to refund the previous month's "membership fee" as he had "agreed to the terms" when he "signed up for their service."

What is my biggest beef here? That the Pyramid Collection gave these people my credit card information.

So here is my email to them…

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently purchased a ring from your website. When I had completed the check out process, it gave me the option to complete a survey on the shopping experience. Coming from a business involved with customer service myself, I understand the value of such surveys and always do my best to help when I have time. However, this survey apparently was a scam. Somehow my credit card information was transferred to a company called Shopping Essentials, and I was signed up for a membership to their "discount service." I saw the original charge of $9.95 on my account and mistook it for another charge I had legitimately signed up for. It wasn't until it appeared again this month that I realized it was something that I had never authorized. Because I did not know to immediately call and cancel this account that I never signed up for, the first month's membership fee was for all intents and purposes stolen from me with no way to recover it.

I have always enjoyed your catalog and have purchased from you in the past, but I have my doubts as to whether or not I will do so again in the future. It is disturbing to me that you would expose your loyal customers to such a blatant scam as this. I urge you to rethink having any part in the Shopping Essentials company.


Lesley Speller

Okay so I fudged a little. It was Bryon and not me, but you get the point…

Their response…

That it would be forwarded to the appropriate channels for consideration, and they apologized for the inconvenience.

How do I read this? Tough luck!

So, Pyramid Collection, I'm sorry to tell you that our long standing relationship is drawn to a close.


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for your "heads up". I just signed up at Shopping Essentials thinking I was getting a 20% discount on my purchase from The Pyramid Collection. After reading your message I now know the huge mistake I made. I have already contacted Shopping Essentials to cancel! Thanks again. Dollyflower
Me said…
So glad I could warn someone about them!
Joy said…
thank you for your post! I called my credit card company and they are disputing the charges on my behalf...hope I get a refund!
Me said…
I hope you get a refund too!
Anonymous said…
They've also started spam campaigns against unsuspecting customers of their site. Avoid at all costs!

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