Thursday Thirteen #40

Thirteen Random Things about My Youth

  1. I was not at all popular in high school.
    Imagine that! With all my wit and charm. LMAO
  2. I played the flute.
    And yes…I did go to band camp, but no, ewwww, I didn't do that at band camp or anywhere else!
  3. I still remember how to play the flute, but I've forgotten all the French I learned.
    I actually mixed French with Spanish today when trying to say I was tired… Je suis muy fatigue is not correct. Mademoiselle Blimling would be so ashamed of me! Well, at least they're both romance languages. ;-)
  4. There were about 3500 people in the town I grew up in.
    I think last I heard the population of that town is actually dropping, but I may have heard wrong.
  5. The main crops of the area were rice and soybeans.
    There was actually a festival for a few years called the Soybeananza…
  6. The closest Walmart was 20 minutes away, as was the closest McDonalds.
    The town where they were located is host to the FABULOUS World Championship Duck Calling Contest! Yes, I'm 100% serious. Actually it's lots of fun: crafts, vendors, and naturally lots of duck callers. The wee little ones are the cutest! Maybe I'll enter Finn and Nicky one year. ;-)
  7. We had a reservoir behind our house.
    I did A LOT of fishing! I still love fishing, but no one ever takes me. *sniffs*
  8. You know that Army test they "make" you take when you're a Junior? The one that tests your math and science skills. I did really well on it and then they wouldn't stop calling me!
    No sir, I'm not interested in joining the armed forces. Thanks for asking though.
  9. I hated math, but I loved science.
    Which is why (aside from my love of writing) that I never majored in anything Scientific. They make you do that dang math stuff. I mean I can do math, but it's just not fun. Except maybe algebra cause it's kinda like a puzzle.
  10. I took lots of private drawing and painting classes.
    I discovered in those classes that I have no talent for those things, even though I REALLY wanted to!
  11. I went to a summer program called Governor's School in Creative Writing.
    My first choice was Drama…I'm really bad at drama too… Mostly because I'm incapable of memorizing lines. No really! I can't memorize anything. I can learn concepts and never forget them, but details, dates, and those God forsaken multiplication tables allude me. No, I still don't know my multiplication tables… Hmmm we could have a clue as to why I hate math so much. It had something to do with timed Multiplication tests that made me want to hide in a hole!
  12. I love riding horses.
    I had one when I was a teenager.
  13. My first car was a 95 Camaro.
    How I adored that car! I still miss it!


Jenn said…
And your Wal-Mart closed at 9pm!!! LOL
I wasn't popular in high school either... I was part of a lot of groups but I definitely wouldn't consider myself popular or really a part of any of those groups. I was just kind of there.
AJ Chase said…
We just moved from a town of 749. The nearest Wal-Mart was 31 miles. So I know what you're saying.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Cool list!
I went to Band Camp, too. (But I was a rifle) LOL! We did a West Side Story theme four years in a row...
Drum line, here. Until I got fed up and walked into the sunset.

In a lot of ways, you had an idyllic childhood. I'm envious.
LOL Love the list. The town I grew up in was pop 1365 LOL so I sympathise. We don't have a walmart or a Macdonalds there LOL

Thanks fro stopping by.

nicholas said…
I have no talent for drawingh or painting either, and I really, really wish I had.
Julia Smith said…
'I discovered in those classes that I have no talent for those things, even though I REALLY wanted to!' - LOL! Maybe you're so talented, you're revolutionary and people will only understand your work 50 years from now.

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