Fondant Made Easy

Okay, so I got the most adorable set for making castle cakes.

Nicky's birthday party this year is going to be knight themed. Yes, his birthday is in October...What? I like to plan ahead! I'm also going to make a cake for Lishy's girls' birthday party. Not sure which version they want yet, but all of them have one thing in common. Fondant! LOTS OF FONDANT!

So I started looking at how much it would cost to cover these castle cakes with fondant and I balked. We're talking like 50 bucks just in fondant. Which, I would totally be willing to pay if that's what the wee ones wanted and there was no other way, but heck if I can make it for cheaper I'm all about that!

I had seen this recipe for Marshmallow fondant a long time ago meaning to try it out. I even bought the stuff to do it and just let it sit in my cabinet until the marshmallows got hard... I guess I didn't have enough motivation. :-D

Well I tried it out today - with new marshmallows of course ;) - and it is sooooo easy!!!!!! Like so easy I hope I did it right. I don't know why I got the idea that it would be terribly complicated. Maybe it was the idea of melting down the marshmallows, but when you do that part in the microwave it's like nothing!

I've put it in the fridge to rest and cool down over night... I think I'll try to cover a small cake with it just for practice. Maybe I can pawn the cake off on someone else. My diet doesn't need to suffer a cake. hehe

Anyone want some cake? ;)


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