Happy Blog #400 and a Little Housekeeping

Okay, I'm all moved into my new blog. I even changed my link on my website. Not that I think many people actually come in via my website, but hey, who knows.

So why did I move my blog? Because I'm lazy mostly. I could have gone in and edited the template every time I wanted to move stuff around and then republish, but dang it I got sick and tired of doing that! Especially every time I wanted to update my WIP progress. Not that I've done that except for like once in the last oh year or so...

I hope you guys find me... Actually I dunno how many people even read this, but it's a good place for me to babble and on aimlessly! :D

Speaking of babbling on aimlessly...Don't forget my new fictional blog. Yes, that was a shameless plug! Shameless I say!

Oh dang! I still need to make my twitter thing work on this blog... Off to work on that!


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