Silly Google Word Associations

Okay, so I'm having trouble getting started writing tonight, so I made up a game.

I typed a word into google and scanned the results and the first word that caught my eye was the association. Kinda like free association in the google braincloud. And with those I wrote a little scene. The bolded words are the ones that came up.

The Vampire stalked the bar looking for his Beverage of choice. The girl in the corner smiled at him, but she was drinking a Coke and had on a Jesus Loves Palin shirt, so she’d probably try to get him to Change his vote from Obama and that woman’s Philosophy just didn’t jive with his thinking. A man smiled at him now, his face heavily done up with Cosmetics. No, wait! That was another woman. He shook his head and slipped into the Shadow. He’d just have to put off eating until tomorrow. He had to feed his hedgehog anyway.

Then I found this picture... And I was so overcome by its adorableness that I just couldn't go on! Don't you just wanna tickle his little fuzzy Hedgehog belly!!!


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