Scooter Woes

Well I was not very nice to my scooter while I was pregnant and then again afterwards and it stopped starting. I assumed this was because the battery was dead. And it was indeed dead. First I took it out and tried to trickle charge it and that did a big fat nothing. I wasn't really expecting it to work, but it was cheaper than a 100 dollar battery and I needed a trickle charger anyway so I don't let this happen again.

So then I bought a new battery and still nothing! I can only assume that it has something wrong with the electrical system. Oh great! Couldn't it have been like ANYTHING else??? So now I'm going to have to try to hunt down the cause. The lights don't attempt to come on or anything. If anyone has any clues please share! I also checked the fuses...well I sorta checked the fuses. I pulled them out and looked to see if they looked blown and none of them did. I guess before I do anything else I should get the fuse tester out and check them to see if their actually bad and just don't look that way.

I may also paint my scooter while I've got the whole thing apart anyway. *looks afraid* It's a metropolitan and that means all the panels are plastic so I'll have to use a plastic paint. I'm thinking I'll try Fairytale Pink Krylon Fusion. Others have gotten good results painting my brand of scoot with that. Then on top of that I'll do a coat of a spray glitter called magical with multi colored glitter in it. First of course i'm going to find something made of similar plastic and do a test coat and see how much abuse it will take. I wouldn't want it flaking off a week after I do it. If I decide to go through with this frightening idea then I'll document it will for posterity. :-D


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