Lesson One: How to be romantic

Because my husband has no idea... Of course this will do me no good as he doesn't read my blog, but perhaps it will help some other women out there whose husbands are hopelessly unromantic.


Remember it! It's an awesome word!

Now I will never be one to tell you that the only way to be romantic is to buy your wife diamonds or whisk her off to expensive vacations. (Don't get me wrong! Those are awesome ways to be romantic! But we can't all be ridiculously wealthy. In fact, VERY few of us can in this economy!) On the contrary, a pair of socks can be incredibly romantic.

Sound strange?

Let me set the scene. Let's say your wife is someone who absolutely adores cute socks. I know I do. One of my favorite websites is SockDreams.com. Don't get ahead of yourself now! I'm not saying go to walmart and buy your wife a pair of socks for your anniversary! But if she's talked about how cute a pair of socks are 15 times and how they have an adorable matching pair of fingerless gloves, then make sure you make note of which ones they are and what color she was talking about and sneak around if you have to until you figure out what size.

Don't ask her what size or what color she wants! This will spoil the surprise! If you accidently buy the wrong size or color you can send it back and exchange it. But she'll be so happy you were paying attention, you'll get the full benefit of the awesomeness of your gift. Yeah, that's right. That's exactly what I'm talking about!

And that is the key here, boys! Pay attention! Not just when you aren't too busy doing something else! Whenever she talks to you! She listens when you babble on about the video games you love! Listen when she tells you about things she cares about.

But remember the surprise part! I adore my hubby. Love him deeply! But something in him rails against surprises! He harrasses me about his gifts until he figures it out or I just tell him to shut him up. So I suppose he just doesn't get that some people want to be surprised. I like to be surprised! I love it! So when I told him I thought the Goddess Kettlebell Workout DVD was really cool and I really wanted it today, he could have stored that away in his mind or even copied and pasted the link somewhere (we were on MSN) and gotten it for me as a surprise later.

Instead he told me he was buying it for me for Valentine's Day and our 10th anniversary on saturday, but sorry hun it won't be here until afterwards because I haven't gotten you a gift yet...

This was not romantic.

This is a prime example of what not to do.

Another example of what not to do? Your wife shows you the ADORABLE running skirt she wants with built in capris underneath, and you ask her to send you the link and what size she wants.

What else could you have done here? Perhaps taken the computer from her that she was showing you the link on and take a look at what site it is and the name of the skirt. It was Nike.com for heaven's sake that is not that hard to remember! Then bought it for her later after you checked the pair of capris she bought the other day so that you'd know what size to buy her...

I'm just sayin'!


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