Mysterious Meltdowns

This was so incredibly strange! He seemed to be having a grand ol' time and suddenly he just melted. Poor little Finn!

Please forgive the shot of my husband had the camera...

Oh and we were waiting for the photographer to arrive to do our pictures we don't just match our clothes everyday. LOL We're not THAT kind of family. ;)


Jennifer Shirk said…
Awww...the poor thing. He WAS having such a good time. :) Hope the pictures turned out great!
Julia said…
I think he hurt his hand swacking it on the table and that's what made him cry. It looks like he broke into tears as soon as he felt the pain shoot through his hand!! They have to learn somehow though.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jennifer, they turned out great! I'll post a few here later. The guy was awesome!

Julia, ahh you might just be right. He does clutch his little hand afterwards. Poor baby!

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