Wierdest Art Lesson Ever!

Nicky comes RUNNING out of the bathroom. "Mama, Daddy, the potty is blue!" I had put in one of those toliet bowl cleaners earlier so I knew just what was up.

Me: Oh, that is so neat! Go ahead and go potty and shut the door so Finn doesn't go in there.

Nicky: Daddy, did you see the blue potty?

Bryon: Yes, I did. And did you know that if you pee in it you can make it turn green.

Nicky: Really???

Bryon: Yup.

Me: Yeah, yellow and blue do make green...



Jenn said…
That should be a good tool to use when potty training... making the toilet water change colors... hehehe
Lesley Speller said…
Neah, I think cheerios are still the best method! For boys that is. They always like a target. LOL
Julia said…
I can only imagine what my kids would say with blue toilet water. I have enough trouble as it is with Ella drawing on the walls right now. Colored water....Oh Trouble!!!
Anonymous said…
Green toilet water and soccer mom. What is this blog coming too?

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