LMAO Oh the whining!

Okay, so everyone here is sick. Nicky got sick starting Thursday night and was sick until today. Bryon got sick Saturday and is just getting better, and Finn and I got sick yesterday and are at the peak of it right now.

So I was sitting here on the couch feeling miserable and turned to my hubby and said, "I feeeel sooooo bad."

His response was, "Oy! The whining!"

"Hey, you whined much more than me yesterday!"

"Yeah, but you said to me 'Oy! The whining!'" Which is entirely true. I did. So then he went on to say, "The only one in this house not whining right now is Finn."

So we look at him and he says, "Whinnne." Like he actually said the word whine. He doesn't talk just a whole lot yet so then we all cracked up. T'was pretty darn amusing.


Katie J said…
Sorry you are all feeling crummy but that is darn cute... whinnnne
Julia said…
So you house is basically my house the week before last. Bwahhhaaahha. I can only laugh since I have been sick for two weeks now. ;)

Julia Smith said…
It's unfortunate for the others who have to listen, but whining definitely makes the sufferer feel better. Does for me, anyway. Whine away!

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