I'm less loved than goats!

Me: I love you, Nicky.
Nicky: *Stares at his Leapster*
Me: Hey, Nicky. I love you! *still being ignored* Nicky, do you love me too?
Nicky: *Glances up* Yeah.
Bryon: Nicky, if you love someone and they tell you that they love you then you say I love you too. Especially if it's a girl.
Me: *forseeing this causing major issues for him at some point in his life* Yes, but only if you love them too.
Bryon: Nicky, do you love goats? *I have always wanted pygmy goats and we saw a bunch of cute ones at the fair last week*
Nicky: *looks up for the first time and grins* Yeahhhh, goats are cuuuuuuute!

Wow, so his love of me ranks WAAAAY below his love of goats. He at least looked up when we asked him what he thought of goats. LOL


Jon Boy said…
what kids will say
Goats are cuuuuuuuute
Lesley Speller said…
Indeed! The things that come out of his snarky little mouth never fail to amaze me. LOL

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