Soccer Mom in the House

I am now officially a soccer mom. Yes, I have the minivan and everything. ;)

Nicky had his very first soccer practice today. He did a great job. He did get a liiittttle distracted there at the end, and he didn't quite understand that he was allowed to kick someone else's ball when they started playing a little match. I mean, after all, we'd told him repeatedly to only kick his ball and not other people's. We'll have to work on that. hehe

On other notes, I planted a red delicious apple tree in the field today, where another tree had been that died. We'll see how well it does. I hope it doesn't take too many years before it gives me some nummy apples.

The field project is coming along. I would say we've got about 1/3 of it useable now. I filled in some holes today. There are a few stones that really need to be removed so I don't have to mow around them, but they are so huge that I think it might require a backhoe to get them out of there. I am planning on renting a backhoe at some point though to make a flat enough spot to put one of the above ground pools for next summer and a swing set. I'm probably going to smile really big at my daddy and promise him divinity to come and drive it for me. All those years of tractor driving can be a big bonus.

We REALLY need to burn the brush pile. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. At this point, maybe we should wait for the winter solstice to burn it and have a party. It would be one heck of a bonfire!


Julia said…
Having property is nothing but work and more work and hoping things don't break. Congrats on your new title. hee hee. :D
I'll come roast marshmallows at your bonfire! And my soccer player can work with Nicky; my kids are (somehow) really good with younger kids.

I'm not JUST a soccer mom at the moment (although I lack the minivan and hopefully always will). I'm a GOALIE mom.

He loves it. I love watching him be so passionate about things.
Lesley Speller said…
Julia, you're right about that! It's nice work though. I do love my little acre and a half. hehe

Susan, roasted marshmallows sound yummmy! Ohhh a goalie! Coolio. My hubby was a goalie when he was a kiddo.

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