What I Did on my Summer Vacation - Part 3

Finn discovered the joy of chasing sea gulls. Very slowly chasing sea gulls. So in the interest of entertaining the boys, we fed them to lure them down for chasing. ;)

There were a few times he got SO angry because he couldn't catch them. hehe

I don't care what anyone says. I think sea gulls are adorable!

While we had to stay inside because it was raining Nicky played a lot of Gameboy. Finn took to sitting next to him and watching him play. He even likes to play with his hair while he does it, much to Nicky's irritation. I think Finn's going to grow up to be a world famous hair dresser! He's obsessed with hair! His own and other peoples!

We bought a skim board and tried to use it... The operative word being tried. It's much harder than it looks! But doesn't my little surfer dude look ADORABLE!

Silly little guy!

Finn took a big time liking to his net and wouldn't even let go of it long enough to sleep!

The last morning that we were there this awesome Finger Sponge washed up on the beach!

One more vacation post, then that's it I swear!


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