OMG! It's a curse!

Okay, so while we were gone on vacation the beach house we were in's air conditioner stopped running. Now that by itself wasn't so odd. I mean those air conditioners do not last well in the salt air and humidity.

It only became odd when I got home and turned my air conditioner down from where I had it set while we were gone and waited for it to kick on and start cooling. Well it blew, but it didn't cool off. So I went outside and the compressor wasn't kicking on. Hmmm....I just bought the thing!

So I called the great guy who installed it, and he couldn't be here until tuesday because he was out of town monday. Good thing it was cool! But he was out here first thing this morning, and he found something unlike anything he's ever seen before!

A spider had apparently built its nest in the place where the electricity kicks on. (I dunno what this is called. Connection or whatever. I'm no electrician. hehe ) Well when the power tried to connect it fried the spider and her nest, but it was still in the way and the power wouldn't connect. He cleaned it out, and it works great now. I have to find his card and put all his contact information up here. The guy is great! He didn't even charge me even though I seriously doubt spider invasion is covered by my warranty. LOL

So as Lishy said, Spiders really are evil!!!

I'm glad air conditioning won't be necessary for long. Perhaps my bad AC luck will have worn off by next summer.

More on my AWESOME vacation soon. :-D


Jon Boy said…
bless your heart it is really sounding like some one dont want you to ave an A/C this summer
Lesley Speller said…
I do believe you might just be right!

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