What I Did on My Summer Vacation

We drove down to St. George Island, Florida to spend a week. On the way down we stopped in at my brother, Brett's, house for the night. It was great to see him. I haven't actually been down since he moved into his house. It took us about 12 hours to get there. We left at 8:30 the night before and arrived around 9 after we stopped for breakfast and stuff. The boys did OK. They were very uncomfortable in their car seats, but we were able to keep them mostly asleep most of the night. And when they weren't asleep they were either playing gameboy (Nicky) or watching Yo Gabba Gabba (Finn). We got to Mobile, Alabama just as the sun was coming up and let me tell you that town is gorgeous in the morning light. We were on a street lined with big old mansions and GIANT Live Oaks just dripping with Spanish moss. I wish I'd taken a picture. It was absolutely enchanting!

My brother has a family of the CUTEST tinnnnnnnnny baby lizards living in the lava rock next to his front walk. Everytime you walked out they scattered. I wanted to capture one and take it home. hehe I didn't of course, but I did manage to get a picture of one.

The main body of that one was maybe an inch long, and he was one of the biggest ones! Brett said that he has a big one living under his bushes, but I never saw him.

(EDIT: These are actually Green Anole lizards. Apparently they get to be between 5 and 8 inches, and they have neck flairs like those little dinosaurs in Jurassic Park! I think Brett said he'd seen them flair, maybe Mom saw one flair too when we were there. I think I want one as a pet now. hehehe On a slightly related note, I found out what our "friend lizard" is that lives under our air conditioner. He's a Five-lined Skink. Nicky and I love when we walk out and find him sunning himself. He's super cute!)

So after having breakfast with my brother and parents, who met us in Pensacola, we drove the rest of the 4 hours to St. George. Nicky road with my mom and dad in "Grampa's Truck," Which is always thrilling. I think he drove Grampa to distraction however with his endless questions. Nicky has to ask about every single thing he sees. He's almost four so he needs answers. hehe

We stayed in this beautiful pink house called Life's a Beach. I love names of the houses on the island. Some of them are so creative! My favorite that we saw while driving around was A Divine Porpoise. And speaking of porpoises, when we were kayaking a dolphin got within like twenty feet of us. We talked to a lady in one of the shops and apparently the dolphins have been playing with the kayakers this year. One person even said that a dolphin jumped right over their kayak, and as much as they were flipping around in the water I could believe it!

That's my Daddy and Nicky in the kayak. He LOVED it!

Finn did too even though he was REALLY tired!

The waves were SO calm for the first three days we were there. It was the perfect introduction to the ocean for the boys. They were barely even cresting.

Oops that's all I can manage to write now. I'm being summoned by an angry baby. hehe More to come.


Jennifer Shirk said…
I love seeing vacation pics... :) Looks so nice.
Jenn said…
My aunt in Louisiana has very similar tiny lizards, but they're out-numbered by the larger ones. I remember pointing out a "baby one" and was informed that lizard never gets any bigger. I only took pictures of the albino lizards though.
MsSnarkyPants said…
Jennifer, It's a great place! I love it!

Jenn, I looked these up and added a link to my post. They actually get to be pretty big. These must have been hatchlings.

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