Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 237
Loss: 0 (I can explain!!!)
Total loss: 35

You see it was my birthday, and there was pizza and German chocolate cake involved. Mmmmmmm It was good! I also didn't run yesterday because I was moving all the furniture in my living room into my bedroom and all the furniture in my bedroom into my living room. Sounds weird I know, but it totally works! Which is definitely more than it's share of exercise all on it's own! My muscles are sure sore!

I'm going to use this week to redo my motivation collage. The old one is somewhat out of date as it included such things as "Buying cute clothes in regular stores" and "Getting a full body family portrait on the beach" Check and check! For the most part, I don't need to shop in plus sized at all anymore, and I just love our family portrait on the beach! So I'll work on my new motivators this week and make a collage. I'm also going to redo my weight prize awards sheet and repost all the stuff on my fridge. I know what one of my motivators is going to be. Cute maternity portraits for my last pregnancy. Dang it I wanna do one of those adorable photo shoots! And I have the best photographer in the universe for my best friend so I don't even have to pay for it! ;-) *blows Lishy kisses*

On another note unrelated: AT&T, you suck! If your website says my plan includes roaming charges then it should dang well include roaming!!! I don't want to pay that 35 bucks and if you make me then I'm not getting an iPhone like I'd planned on doing in December. I'm just waiting until my contract is up and moving to someone else!!!

Update: They changed my plan to another with less minutes, (not that it matters since I had 4000 something rollover minutes so I obviously didn't use them all...) but that never has roaming unless you leave the country, and removed the roaming charges. So I've decided to forgive them. The woman who helped me via email was very helpful and fixed it all for me and answered all my questions. A lot more helpful than the phone guy. Not that I blame him of course. I understand that there is a set of answers he is allowed to give.

In among the moving stuff from one room to the other I also bought a new breakfast nook from Aldi. Can I just say that Aldi, I love you more and more every single day!!!!!!!!!! I was expecting it to be pressboard and cheaply made, since I only paid 170 for it, but it is probably one of the nicest pieces of furniture I own! It's ALL solid wood! And it virtually glows! Oh wait I havea picture. I'll share!

I love it! I switched it from that corner to the other this morning and it works better with all the other furniture and my treadmill now. It's the awesome. :-D Yay!

So in conclusion: Yummmmmmm German Chocolate Cake! Booooooooo AT&T!!! - Update: Okay they're not so bad. ;) -Yayyyyyyyyy Aldi!!!


Amanda said…
Oh I'm having new furniture envy -- looks marvelous. And happy birthday!!
Ooh, you definitely got a bargain, lady. Good job! And keep up with the weight loss, although I think you looked great in those pictures on the beach.

(We can debate Trevor's package later, if you'd like. *grin*)
I'm so impressed by the need for a new inspiration collage. What a way to meet a birthday.

Happy Birthday!
Lesley Speller said…
Susan: I do love a bargain. It thrills me through and through!

Julia: Thanks! I'm pretty excited hehe.

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