*Curses Loudly*

Oh, I'm having an angry night!

First of all I bought this awesome fold up keyboard that is supposed to work with my Axim 51v. It would be amazing because then I could write with a full size keyboard anywhere anytime. It fits in my purse no problem, but it keeps telling me there is another process trying to use the infrared port. No matter what I do it doesn't fix it! I have had a team of people helping with it and no luck! I'm just about to cry!

And also I'd like to find the person who rented the last Disk of HEX three weeks ago and hasn't brought it back yet, and give them a sound thrashing! Dang it, people! I need to know who the heck this strange demon hunting woman is!!! I sure hope Season two is on dvd too, because otherwise I may just explode from the stress of not knowing!

I think that Azazeal is actually a good guy. I refuse to believe that someone that adorable could be bad. ;) And he loves his little boy! Really! Come now! How could he be all bad?


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