Thursday Thirteen #14

13 of my Favorite Blinkies

So you know blinkies right? They are those silly little graphics that you put at the bottom of your signature or whatever. I absolutely adore them. I don't actually put them anywhere... I just sit and look at them. So I figured this was a good use!

1. Yes, my friends, they are!!!!

If you are unfamiliar with the lengths to which my Geekiness has gone, just scroll down to the next couple of posts.

And don't you forget it! *hugs her dragon protectors*

4. I don't! I won't! My husband does them. :D Okay, maybe if they are really bad, and he just won't...

5. Are you aware with just a little fairie dust and a happy thought you can actually fly? How can anyone go long without it?

6. And I'm scared of the dark! So you better bet I light them too!

7. *Wicked Evil Grin followed by a cute giggle* Dang it if I could just banish the giggle I would qualify for the full on evilness!

8. You can't be anyone else! You shouldn't want to be. You can make of yourself absolutely anything you want. It just takes time and dedication! And repetition. And repetition. Oh...did I say that twice? ;)

9. Or no one else will!

10. You better bet your booty!

11. Oh, yeah, I'd worship at that altar!

12. Well...Okay...maybe not! But I sure do wish it was. Then maybe it wouldn't be quite so scary!

13. I could go on and on about the use of this biblical passage to keep women down throughout history...but I'll just keep it light. Trust me...She was framed! Stinky old boys! ;)

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"Protected by dragons" Very cute!!
Blinkies are fun, but ever since meeting someone whose epilepsy was affected by them, I won't use them. Besides, they use a lot of bandwidth, the rude little buggers.
Suprina said…
I love blinkies!
Great TT!
Shelley Munro said…
I love these. I like the dragon one, too.
Michelle Cary said…
Ha...cute. I never knew that's wat those little things were called. Call me internet/computer challenged. I can't help it.
Stella Price said…
I love these! the dragons one is adorable!

Happy TT!
Miss Frou Frou said…
These were all cute... loved the 333 one!
Elle Fredrix said…
These are great! I need to get the geek one for myself. :o)
Christine d'Abo said…
LOL Number one cracked me up. I can see the garden gnomes standing outside my window...waiting...
Julia Smith said…
#12 - The dark is afraid of me

That's my fave!
Jennifer Shirk said…
Hehehe. I'm ashamed to say, I didn't know what a blinkie was.

But I could see myself as the "Queen of the Castle". LOL!
Jenn said…
I have a ton of blinkies too, love them! I was going to start making my own, but me and animations don't get along. I stuck with extended network banners for myspace, hehehe.
Lady Rose said…
I love these :) the blinkies are great too
Ooooh...pagan fudge goddess! :-D

I feel a serious craving coming on!

Great TT, Lesley!
Tink said…
I like blinkies, have several saved on my computer. I rarely use them though. :-)
Thanks for visiting my full moon TT!
Rhian said…
oh wench - that last one - outstanding and damn true! But it's the Dark is Afraid of Me that speaks to my soul. heh. i may ummm - abscond with that one....
Those are all very cute! I like the Queen of the Castle one, and the Protected by Dragons. :)

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