Thursday Thirteen #15

13 Characters from my WIP:
Blood and Violets

Thanks for giving me the inspiration to do this one with your TT last week, Julia! I hope you don't mind my borrowing your lovely idea!

I make these 3D renders of all my favorite characters. It helps me get a good grip on them in my head.

1. The Heroine!

Marie Moonstone - Yes, Moonstone! I know, isn't it awful? She despises it and only introduces herself as Marie Smith. Marie has got more spunk than anyone should be entitled to. It's virtually impossible for her to get through even five minutes without getting into an argument. She hates being told what to do, and she doesn't let anyone boss her around except for her big brother. He convinced her to study Pre-Law when she'd much rather be studying theater. Her choice of careers becomes somewhat inconsequential, however, when she is kidnapped.

2. Our Hero!

Alexander Farmer was born in small village near Paris in 1674. When he's still pretty young he's kidnapped and made a vampire. These days he owns a chain of clubs called the Violets. One night he's out hunting and encounters Marie smoking behind the restaurant where she works as a waitress. He wouldn't have hurt her, just taken a little blood and sent her on her merry way, but she fights back and his anger gets the better of him. He accidentally knocks her back against the brick wall and puts her in a coma for a week. When he looks up one evening to find her in his club, he knows he wants her. He's been looking for someone to make his vampire child for years, and she is just what he's been after. If only he wasn't so attracted to her everything would be much more simple.

3. The Bouncer
Bruno - One of Alexander's men. This man is somewhat of a cross between Andre the Giant and a just as talkative but less annoying Dr. Phil. Although he's enormous and pretty darn intimidating, he's an absolute sweetie pie at heart. Yeap, his name is Bruno, and he's a bouncer. He really didn't have much choice in his occupations with a name like that and weighing in at just under 300 pounds.

4. The Bartender

Steve is a good guy. He tries to keep everyone else in line. Even Alexander has been known to yield to Steve's arguments on occasion.

5. The Accountant

Daniel's official title is accountant for The Violets, but he's also Alexander's personal lackey. He kisses the very ground he walks on. Why? Daniel really wants to be a vampire, and he's hoping someday Alexander will make him one. He's very much the jealous type and has a penchant for violence which can get him into trouble. A lot of trouble.

6. The Penndragon

Markus Canamore. He's referred to as The Penndragon, because that's the name of the vampire family from which he hails. The Penndragons and the De Lyons (Alexander's family) have been at war for centuries. It's only been the last half of the 20th century that they have even managed a truce. Markus approaches Alexander with a business proposal. He owns a chain of blood banks, the kind where you get paid for donating, and he needs a distribution point. The Violets is the perfect place.

*whispers* Don't tell any of my other heroes, but Markus is my absolute favorite! I'm probably going to be writing his book after I finish up with Blood and Violets. It's called Love is Immortal.

7. The Father

Finnr (Finn) Grimsson is the man who made Alexander a vampire. It was a different time, and he made some terrible mistakes with the way he raised his "children." Those mistakes are going to come back and haunt Marie and Alexander. They've already done seemingly irrevocable damage to the life of his favorite son, Tristan.

8. The Brother

Tristan Finnrsson was raised from the time he was four years old by Finn, and he was the only one who showed Alexander even the slightest kindness in the years he was held prisoner before he was changed. Alexander loved him dearly and was devastated when he disappeared in the 18th century. He hasn't shown his face in vampire society since. They have no idea whether he's alive or dead.

9. The Other Brother

Ricky Moonstone is Marie's very much older brother. He practically raised her from the time her parents died in a car wreck until she went off to college. He's a doctor and has worked hard for years to try to provide a good, stable life for Marie.

I'm out of important characters so here are a few fun pictures.

10. Marie kicking butt and taking names!

Marie has been taking Ashihara Karate and Brazilian Jujitsu since she was seven. They really didn't know what they were getting into when they kidnapped her...

11. The Attempted Brain Hijackers

These two keep trying to lure me away from Blood and Violets with their story. This is Arlan. He's king of the Dragons. The lovely lady with the purple hair is Jeanne. She's the nanny Arlan hires to take care of the little girl who showed up on his doorstep claiming to be the reincarnation of his dead grandmother, who just happened to be Queen of the Fairies.

I keep telling them that there are things that happen in their book that have to be set up. At least, two other books have to be finished after this one before I can even go there! They don't care. They want me to play with them now. hehe My characters boss me around A LOT!


This is Fiona O'Sithein from the last book I finished. Right here she just happens to be using her womanly wiles to try to lure Beltran away from his good intentions.


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Very cool--I wish I could make some kind of picture of my characters! Typically, I look for "real" pictures, but they're never exactly right. Unless the hero is based on Clive Owens. :-)
Jennifer Shirk said…
COOL graphics!!

I thought Markus was hot, too. So I'm glad you're creating a book just for him. :)
Carolan Ivey said…
Awesome!! How did you do your graphics? Is it a program or a web site?
Ann Aguirre said…
I'm gonna guess Poser. Neat idea.
Me said…
Joely: I tried to find pictures that satisfied me for YEARS and never did manage it!

Jennifer: *sighes like a pre-teen* Isn't he??? He's a real sweetie too.

Carolan: It's a program called Daz3D.

Ann: Close. It's very similar to poser.
BCP+VD=SR said…
Where's the codpiece in that last image of the armour?

It is all in the details my sweet poppet.
N.J.Walters said…
These are fabulous!
Me said…
Rhet: Oh, darlin', I know the details. Trust me! ;) That little lady is Arianna Penndragon and the book in which she appears is set in the 12th century. Cod pieces weren't common until the 16th century. She probably would have been wearing chain mail underneath her to protect areas that the plate did not and in the original graphic I worked on she was, but I decided to go with what was pretty over what was historically accurate. Poetic license and all that. :-D

NJ: Thanks! I have fun making them. :D
Wow! This was just wonderful, Lesley! Great idea.
Christine d'Abo said…
OMG I love these. The graphics are very cool! Do you use Poser? I'd played around with it years ago, but quickly discovered I suck at it. I'd love to be able to create visual representations of my characters.
Me said…
Daisy: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Christine: Thanks! It's not poser, but it's very like poser. It's called Daz 3D. I love doing it. When I get a little writers block I go play with it and it almost always clears right up.
Donica Covey said…
I am absolutely jealous of your creativity! The graphics are so amazing. I have to look at celeb pictures just to get the basic idea of what my characters look like.

The book(s)sound fabulous!

Happy TT

Donica Covey
Shelley Munro said…
Wow, cool graphics, Lesley. I obviously need to check out this program. Your story sounds great. Go, Marie!
Mitchypoo said…
Cool characters! Happy TT!
Me said…
Donica: I've usually got the picture of my characters in my head before I even have a plot down. They just waltz into my brain and demand attention. I'm having fun writing this one. Of course, I have fun writing all of them. hehe

Shelley: It's a fun program. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it's totally worth the patience required.

Mitchypoo: Thanks! Happy TT!
Lisa Andel said…
What a novel idea. I've found times it would help to have some visual representations to give me a bump. Unfortunately I have no talent in that direction.
Me said…
Lisa: I've yearned to be able to draw for most of my life! Took classes. Practiced for hours on end. Alas that wasn't to be! Then I found this program and now I'm a happy girl. :-D
That is so cool! I would love to have visuals of my characters. I'm on a stick-figure drawing level.

Go, Ass-kicking Marie!

BTW - love your header and the reading fairy on your home page.
Me said…
OpenChannel: As far as drawing with a pencil...I'm totally with you at stick figure level. ;) Thanks so much for your compliments! My header is one of my characters too. hehe Yeah, I'll admit it. I'm a character illustrating junkie. :-D
Marina said…
Here from T13...great stuff...can't wait until I can look over your site more thoroughly.
Jean Marie Ward said…
Lots of work in these renders, and it shows. :-) But I confess, as an uppity woman myself, I really like the last image best. Cheers and best wishes, Jean Marie

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