Thursday Thirteen #13

Hmm…Thursday 13 #13 the day before Friday the 13th

This could get a little freaky deaky, baby!

13 Reasons I'm Ecstatic I FINALLY Got my Wireless Keyboard for my PDA Working

After a good week of struggling with this little beast, my husband found me a link that helped me figure out what the heck was wrong with it and fix it. It required that I download a driver that a fellow Axim owner had actually altered to make it work for our Axim 51s.

  1. It was driving me CRAZY!!!

    Seriously it made no sense. I had done everything that everyone said to do, and it kept lying to me and telling me that another process was trying to use the Infrared.

  2. I can now work on scenes that pop into my head ANYWHERE!!!

    Seriously, the combined weight of this keyboard and my axim is like 1 pound! I can pop it in my purse, and jot down scenes on the fly. I can't stand hand writing anymore! It is sooo slow! It saps my creativity. I do still like to plan with a pen and paper though.

  3. I can reward my husband for finding the link that helped me fix it. ;)
  4. I can work on my newest novel all the way to Denmark in September.

    Yeah, sure I can, in a world where my two-year old sits in his daddy's lap napping the entire way! Like that'll happen! But I could if I didn't have to wrangle a toddler all the way there. *shivers in horror just thinking of the 8 hour flight*

  5. I can respond to email anywhere there is wireless internet!
  6. I can thumb my nose at the people from customer service who wouldn't help me.
  7. I don't have to carry my laptop to Denmark in order to be able to write and email my friends!

    All I need to do is get a converter, and I'm good to go!

  8. I could write my Thursday 13 in my car, while waiting to pick up my husband if I wanted to!

    I mean I didn't! But I could! And how cool is that!!!

  9. It's a good ego boost!

    I like fixing things that are broken. It doesn't matter what they are. I want to buy an old junker and rebuild the engine. Do I know anything about cars? Well, I know where the gas goes and how to check the oil and change a tire, but that's about it. It doesn't mean I couldn't learn though! Maybe a Fabulous Hudson Hornet! Has Lesley seen the movie Cars too many times? Yes, yes, she has!!! Nicky is obsessed with it!

  10. I can use it to finish the revisions on Fiona O'Sithein even if I'm not at home!

    Okay, first I'd have to figure out how to make the Mobile Word open the new docx files, but if I could do that then I could totally revise on the run. I could also just convert the files but that would be too easy.

  11. I could type up a post gloating about how the USA beat Uruguay (where my hubby was born) in the U20 World Cup last night.

    Do I care about soccer? Heck no! I do like tormenting my man who lives by it though!

  12. I could type up all those cute things that Nicky does and do a T13 about them!
  13. I can be completely Mobile, MSN Messenger on the go and all!

    I'm telling you! It gives me goose bumps. :-D

Yes, my friends, I know how much of a geek I am!

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Technology issues are such a PITA. I still can't get smilies for my blog, and it should be a "simple" plugin. Grrr.
Suprina said…
I am Not computer savy, I don't know how I do most of the things I do on the computer.

Great TT-13!
Shelley Munro said…
Sounds good to me! I want one.
Isn't it frustrating when you can't get things to work? Drives me crazy.
N.J.Walters said…
Glad you got it all worked out, Lesley. I'm very technologically inept.
Christine d'Abo said…
This sounds very cool. I love my laptop, but it can be a bit big to carry around all the time. Between it and my memory stick, I'll pretty set.

But I'd never say no to a new toy.
Jenn L said…
Wow that Little device sounds awesome. I'm glad you were able to figure it out.
Miss Frou Frou said…
I'd be worried about a 2year old on an 8 hour flight too...
Julia Smith said…
The problem with techno geeks inheriting the earth is their inability to make all the gadgets normal-people-friendly. But once we figure them out - yehaw!

Happy on-the-fly writing.
Christine said…
isn't technology great! Thanks for stopping by!
Tilly Greene said…
I don't have a PDA, but a pocket pc with a little keyboard and love it! And just as much as writing, is the reading on the 1GB card that holds thousands of ebooks! Oh, and a cutie who lives and breathes footie as well - freakier and freakier :-)

Enjoy the freedom Lesley!
Elle Fredrix said…
Oh, boy. I'm so glad you got yours working, but reading this makes me really, really want one!

Of to find out what's compatible with my PDA!
Nicole Austin said…
My favorite term for technology when it doesn't work is IDM (Infernal Damn Machines) LOL! I have a love/hate relationship with electronics. I'm glad you were able to get it working!
Lisa Andel said…
I love gizmos, and I can't live without my PDA. I have to check into this...
Tink said…
I love my PDA; perhaps I should get a wireless keyboard too...hmmm... Good idea!
Thanks for visiting my essentials TT!
Michelle Cary said…
It is a great feeling when you're able to figure something out that's been so elusive. I had problems last week with my yahoo account and before that with my blog. Both seemed to take me forever and it felt great when I was able to figure them out. PDA, huh? My husband wanted to get me one, but I said 'What for?' Mmmmm...maybe I'll rethink that.
Jennifer Shirk said…

I want one, too. Wah!
Yay! Congrats on getting it working!

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