Nicky's Academy Award Winning Performance

My darling boy is set to be the next world's greatest actor. Now you may think this is just Mommy Bragging Rights, but let me just tell you this little tale.

I couldn't stop laughing for a good ten minutes afterwards.

Nicky's little friend, Kaida, was visiting and they were playing one of their favorite games. It involves running from one side of my living room to the other as fast as they can and screaming all the while. Ah, Infant Joy!

So she somehow managed to trip and bang her little head against the wall.

No, this is not why I laughed for 10 minutes. I'm not THAT evil!

She was, of course, very sad so she went and climbed up into Lisha, her Mommy's, lap and got lots of cuddles and loving. Well Nicky seeing that she was sad walked over and climbed up on the couch with her and started patting Kaida to make her happy and then tried to get Lisha's attention. So I picked him up, told him she was busy,gave him a cuddle, and set him down on the floor.

Nicky looked around at everyone. He must have been assessing the best course of action in his quest for world domination by cuddles, because he then walked over to the wall where she'd hit her head, knelt down, smacked his head soundly against the wall twice in a row, and then stood up. Lisha and I looked at each other, and agreed that he must have done it on purpose, then a full ten seconds after he bonked his head he let loose a howl! Not just a howl but a perfect mimic of the howling cry that poor Kaida had given when she accidentally hit her head.

He then stopped and looked from me to Lisha, obviously waiting for us to fall all over ourselves to rush to his aid and cover him with loving kisses and cuddles. That wasn't quite the reaction he received. We both busted up into fits of laughter that were so dehabilitating that neither of us could speak for the next five minutes, and we were both crying and in pain by the time we got ourselves under control. Which reminds me of a certain story that involves what I thought was chap stick and a creative writing class...but that's a story for another day.

My son was quite naturally very put out by this turn of events. The look he gave us told me exactly what he thought of the fact that we were laughing at his "accident." Of course, he got some extra cuddles when I could finally stop laughing at him for five minutes.
Babies just crack me the heck up!!!


Jenn said…
I blame Bryon!!

If I remember right, the last time I was over there, Bryon was holding him and they were both head banging the bathroom door!

I guess you can call him an acting coach now...
Me said…
LOL You may have a point! Ah, my boys are just a little on the crazy side! hehehe
Julia Smith said…
I love his observations, the conclusions he draws and his actions afterward. He really does sound like he'd be a good actor!
Me said…
He is most definitely a little ham bone. ;) We'll see if he chooses theater over sports. His father will crumple and die if he does. :D He could do either or both as far as I'm concerned!

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