Is a scrap of photocopied paper too much to ask?

I just had a submission returned that did not have any correspondence in it whatsoever. I am not asking for a commentary, but in the very least a photocopied form letter would have been nice. Heck, a post it note with "You suck!" written on it would have at least been something...

I can only assume that this was the submission I sent to an agent who had requested a partial. I just emailed said agent after waiting six months for a reply. In the email they sent back, there was a form letter saying they weren't interested. Now that's fine. At least I got a response. Still this returned submission could have at least had a little scrap of paper saying where it had been returned from. The original letter that I included was no longer with it so it could have been any number of submissions had it not come so soon after the email.

Perhaps I'm over-reacting, but I found it a bit rude.


Yep, I've gotten those. What's worse is when it's a query and the agent just dumped the sample pages back in the envelope and kept the query letter, so you have NO idea who it's from.

If I get an e-mail rejection from someone who has a partial or a whole, that's fine if the ms. itself doesn't include another letter. But it's sure nicer when they say in the e-mail, "I'll be returning your ms. under separate cover." At least you know to be looking for it -- and that the agent is going to send it back instead of chucking it.
Me said…
Yeah, that's pretty much what this was. The letter was not there so I couldn't even have figured it out! *shrugs* Oh, well! Maybe I'll put the name of who it's being submitted to in the header from now on. Although it's never happened before so who knows if it will ever happen again.
Jennifer Shirk said…
Yeah, that IS rude.

Sorry about the R.
Me said…
Jennifer: Oh well, I'll just take that to mean that the world has something better in store for this book. Power of positive thinking at work? hehe

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