If I had money I'd put up a GIANT fence...

Why? Well, let me just tell you.

We have about an acre and a half of land. One acre of that is pretty much useless at the moment. It's a slightly sloped pasture. The person that had it before us had several horses on it. Now you're not supposed to have more than about a horse per acre. Unless, of course, you're feeding them a great deal of grains in addition. Well I have no idea what he was feeding his horses, but I do know that when we moved in there was NOTHING growing on the field. We live in the mountains so when there is nothing growing you get erosion. What's under the top soil in the mountains? That's right, my friends! Rocks! Big ones! Giant ones even!

So we had a field we couldn't mow for all the rocks and even if we could all we had was a push mower my husband probably would have dropped dead before he finished it. Well now we've got our lawn tractor so we're going to start the long and arduous process of making it a big field that we can mow and the little munchkin can play in.

Hmm...I got off track here. I was going to tell you why I would put up a huge fence. Well I was cleaning up the beer cans that someone dumped in front of our house by the road. I'm not pointing fingers. I can't prove who it was. I have a good idea though. Whatever. So when I was cleaning those up and walked the length of our property by the road. We have this little creek at the far end. It'll be cute once we get it all cleaned up. Apparently someone was using it to dump garbage before we moved in. Again I dunno know who. It doesn't really matter. We're going to clean it up. Well apparently someone saw this and thought, "hey, I'll dump my garbage down there." In the little creek! Now first and foremost let's talk about how that creek feeds into a river somewhere! That's just pollution!

So I cleaned it up and now I'm going to go buy a big NO DUMPING signs. Which I've always thought looked kinda trashy, but not near as trashy as having garbage dumped on your land. I ended up with an entire bag full of other people's garbage. Including like 5 empty bottles of cheap whiskey. Someone really needs to lay off the liquor. Maybe that's why they don't have the sense not to dump their trash on other peoples land!


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