Organizational Woes

Now no one is going to ever claim that I'm organized. Not even jokingly. If they did a lightening bolt would come down from the heavens and strike them dead on the spot.

I want to be organized! I try to be organized! I buy all kinds of organizational tools! I love organizational stuff! Notebooks, little caddies for household items, calendars, wall things that you're supposed to hang your keys on. And what happens. The notebooks get piled in a pretty little pile, the calendar never gets touched, and my keys end up places like in the refrigerator. Yes, it's happened! Oh, hush, its not that weird! I probably put it there when I was putting away groceries or something.

Anyway! I finally at least organized my computer files for my writing yesterday. It took two good hours, but now they are organized into fragments that are related, fragments that are undeveloped story ideas, and that sort of thing. I even have a file of "supporting documents" which includes stuff like the time line of my series, a spreadsheet with the facts about my vampire families, a doc with favorite quotes. You know, the really geeky stuff.

So upon further investigation, I have seven fully developed or almost fully developed outlines and various scenes for WIPs and about 40 things that could be developed into full-fledged novels. Will I ever get to writing all these? Who knows! But at least they are organized now. ;)


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