Christmas Cards!

I still haven't even found a decent picture of Nicky to put in mine! I think I'm going to try to get one this afternoon. I've been SO busy at work! I worked all morning on Sunday trying to get caught up and then all morning today trying to get caught up (I'm usually off today) but fortunatly I think I've almost got everything done. The stuff I've been working on is pretty fun though so at least there is that!

So here is the you do Christmas letters? I've never done one before, and probably won't this year because well I'm just too dang tired to be creative. :-D I think they are pretty cool though. I love to hear what everyone has been up to all year.

Well, anyway, if you are expecting a Christmas card from me I WILL get them out the door eventually!


Anonymous said…
My cards are still all staring at me, about 3/4 done. I don't ever do Christmas letters, but I do get several and find them very amusing.
Anonymous said…
My cards are sitting next to me on this very desk. Still in the box. Still sealed. I think this explains why I can honestly say, I never have done a christmas would probably be old news by the time I sent it out.

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